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Minutes for August 19, 2014 Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 7:30pm Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Jeff Canter, Brad Scadden, Chris Morello, Joe Schumacher, Steve Donahue, Jesse  Perez, Larry Ramirez, Frank Williamson, Brian Folden, Steve Selbo, Kristine Selbo, Scott Johnson, Brian Gilbaugh, Alex Villeneda, John Tran, Tim Gordon , Ty Rafferty, Brent Frame, Monica Frame, Gil Barretto

Guests: none


I. President:

  1. Board Meetings and going forward.  The merge is the beginning, what we do from here will dictate how successful this is.  Several Board members have expressed desire to help but believe sitting so many people in room is waste of time as things do not affect everyone.

    1. Proposed new board: 

    2. All Board members will be welcome at any and all meetings.  However, they will be assigned to a committee and that person will be spokesperson for their suggestions and action plans.  Hopefully this will expedite the board meetings and make volunteer time more worthy.

    3. We need everyone’s help and all board members will be called upon but I have been hearing that the size of the board and length of the meeting was more than some wanted/ feel is necessary/ and might be useful.

    4. Action: If ok with Scott’s proposal, no action needed.  If we don’t hear from individuals by September board meeting, we will assume that you are ok with your position and title.  

    5. Fall Ball: All individuals placed in positions will be confirmed if we don’t hear differently.  

  2. Bylaws are getting closer to being done.   Need to establish board members (including division directors) to break out into groups and discuss:

    1. Tee-Ball Rules -  Joe and Brian Gilbaugh, Gary Buck

    2. A-Ball Rules - Larry, Jeff Canter, Steve, Brent Frame

    3. AA Rules - Chris Morrello, Jeff, Brad, Alex

    4. AAA Rules (Old OR and OG) in-line.

    5. Majors Rules (Green Book) inline.

    6. Intermediate Rules (Green Book) inline.

  3. The fliers have gone out to the Oak Grove School District Schools

    1. Thanks to: Alex, Tim, Mark and John for assisting.

    2. San Jose Unified - waiting on final count of students, and won’t get it until after final registration closed for Fallball.

  4. Banners:

    1. Oak Grove Unified - doesn’t want banners from current schools for now until they can figure out a way to allow ST to put banners up (for-profit companies were also posting)

    2. Have been placed at all schools except Jr. Highs/ Erickson/ Los Paseos.


II. Treasurer

  1. Proposed Budget for 2014-15 year

    1. Includes operating budget, not “nice to haves.”

      1. Steve Donohue makes motion to approve, Brent Frame seconds the motion.  

      2. Frank Williamson - Umpires asking for umpire equipment, uniform, hats.  Sent to Bylaw committee and Finance committee. (120 hats, embroidered shirts.) May be able to get a bulk discount, but shirts are required, hats are extra, will be used out of surplus funds.  Umpires will get better hats after they umpire more.  

      3. Surplus funds - ORLL raised funds to fix fields, promised to parents and funds should mostly be used for that.

      4. Budget would be operating budget; anything above budget items will be surplus items.  Requests for surplus items (wish list items) should be submitted to Finance committee, who will determine what is possible, and bring to board for final vote.

      5. Budget was viewed by finance committee, taking into account both former leagues, and expected income and expenses.  

      6. Request for outline for what each of the budgets includes

    2. Vote: For 19, abstain 1: PASS

  2. Merging of Accounts: 

    1. Waiting for State, Federal govt and LL International: Will open new account with Bank of the West.  Card holders will have one week to go to BoW to set up signing card.  President, secretary, treasurer, fields have access.  Any other individuals wanting access, let Treasurer know.        

  3. Snack Shack Safes:

    1. Gather weekly from all three snack shacks (anderson, bernal and Frost)

    2. Brent Frame to volunteer to pick up Frost weekly.

    3. Steve Donohue to pick up Bernal weekly.

    4. Scott Johnson to pick up Anderson weekly.

    5. New safes needed because a set of keys has been lost.  Steve to request safes to be approved by board once one is selected.  


III. Safety Officer Report: none


IV. Player Agent

  1. Fall Ball

    1. Rules: Same as last year, will be sent out with teams.  

    2. Scheduling: Game schedule comes out September 1st.

    3. Team building: starting on August 28th.  Sign ups August 21st (Mountain Mikes) and August 28th (Round Table). Notifying district on the 28th. Teams will be notified between August 28th and September 5th.  

    4. Registration

      1. Counts as of 8/16

        1. 6U - 33 players

        2. 8U - 63

        3. 10U - 44

        4. 12U - 23

        5. 15U - 11

      2. Registration dates. This Thurs (8/21) - Mtn Mike/Next Thus (8/28) - Round Table - may need help to support sign up nights.

    5. Fields - Fields committee will meet on 8/24 to tour fields to determine which fields will be used for 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U.  15U - Gunderson.  Practice fields will be assigned, not rotating.  

    6. Need Managers especially 6U, 8U

      1. Division directors will need to help.  Will come down to calling parents.

      2. Will need help getting binders put together for managers.  

        1. Safety information created by Safety officer,

        2. Game rules created by Division directors,

        3. Coaching training by Coaching Director.

        4. Binders needed to managers ASAP, prior to first games (9/13).

      3. Directors to have manager meetings for each of the divisions.  


V. Fields

  1. Signages (Brad) - 3 signs approved, pulling OR signs off of Bernal and Anderson, and re-wrap with the new logo.  New sign (4x8) at Frost, but needs to be discussed and approved by school and district. New signs up prior to first game if possible.

  2. Allen at Steinbeck field update

    1. Attended City of San Jose with SSJYSL and they agreed a lesser fee for baseball.  However, can’t make change without changing structure.  

    2. Suggested non-profit local organizations have first crack at fields.

    3. Allen at Stienbeck agreed to cover cost for STLL because they made arbitrary decisions without keeping us in the loop, but we don’t know what that is going to be yet. If equivalent to other paid fields, will choose to play at Steinbeck.  

  3. Porta-potties: please restart their cleaning on 9/1.  They will again begin getting utilized.  OG’s have been picked up except Gunderson. Possible to move to Legacy Sanitation if can get a discount and possible better cost than current.  

  4. Aerate and Fertilize fields with work crew. 2 Saturdays, 2 Sundays...dates to follow.

  5. Anderson Fields:  Ready for Fall Ball

    1. Majors and Tee-ball-  Be nice if we could aerate and fertilize.

  6. Bernal Field:  Ready for Fall Ball:

    1. AAA and A- Ball Field has been spike dragged so should be okay.   AA Field is in some bad shape  Need to do something soon if expecting to play 8U on this field.

  7. Frost: Will finalize after fields committee.  

  8. Keys: will move to master key for all board members, managers have individual keys to specific fields.

  9. OGUSD Facilities: Upset with weeds at Frost for the start of school.  For exclusive baseball use of those fields, we have to be able to maintain it all year round.   

    1. Clean up weeds on areas connected to baseball fields, dugouts, scorekeeping booth, backstops.

    2. Remove permanent signage from backstop.

    3. Brent Frame to go on Wednesday night to see what is needed, and schedule a work day for Saturday or Sunday to get cleaned up.

    4. Giving more responsibility to us for projects on the fields, including things we want to do on the fields for Oak Grove, but need to provide OGUSD with details of where material came from.  

  10. Donation of 100 tons of Decomposed Granite, which doesn’t deteriorate as fast as gold fines, that we can use on all three fields.  


VI. Equipment/Uniforms:

  1. Fall - Order placed, should be here the week after labor day.  

  2. Equipment update

    1. Ok with first aid kits.

    2. Need to purchase level 5 balls.  

    3. Start breaking up equipment bags for the teams we know we will have in fall.  Work with Mark to get the most up to date numbers to start getting bags together.

    4. For spring, would like to order new catchers’ gear for each team. May be able to get donations for some equipment.  


VII. Information Officer

  1. Emailing aliases will be setup based on new board positions

    1. will include instructions to do web email or on phones.  

    2. old OG and OR emails to be forwarded to new ST emails.

  2. 100+ online registrations

  3. new spirit wear store (not quite finished)


VIII. Division Directors

  1. Equipment ready at each field:

  2. Organized and ready for the season to begin.  (Work with Jesse to ensure Field equipment and Fields).

  3. Work with Player Agent on finding coaches for Fall Season (Fall Directors)


IX. Concessions: Fall season what is plan for Concessions?  Selling and people in charge...  Assuming for fall selling ( liquids and snack items but no hotdogs & hamburgers.  Prices the same as last season).  Any concerns, contact Valerie.  


X. UIC: Emails to be sent out for umpire schedules, Gil to work on it.  Tying it to the game schedule, in case game changes.  Likely to get it working for spring.


XI. Sponsorship/Special Events

  1. Movie Night results - Worked well, lots of attendance, shirts purchased and decals.  


XII Coaching Director

  1. Scott and Chris to discuss.  

  2. Discuss possible list of what players should be able to do by the end of the season.  

    1. Division directors to create lists for managers and present prior to season.


XIII. Next meeting: September 16, 7:30pm Santa Teresa Library Multi-Purpose room.