Minutes 20140916

Minutes for September 16, 2014 Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 7:40pm Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Jeff Canter, Brad Scadden, Chris Morello, Joe Schumacher, Steve Donohue, Jesse  Perez, Mark Gomez, Valerie Deshong, Larry Ramirez, Vicky Ramirez, Frank Williamson, Steve Selbo, Scott Johnson, Alex Villaneda, Andrea Martinez, Jeff Payne, John Tran, Ty Rafferty, Brent Frame, Monica Frame, Gary Buck, Gil Barretto, Thanh Barretto


  1. Treasurer

    1. August Report: Everyone is staying within budget for fall

      1. Uniforms and equipment committee did a great job of staying within budget.

      2. We have more fall ball than budgeted for, since we went off last fall’s numbers, and doubled it.

    2. Report on Merging accounts

      1. Due to certain required federal and state paperwork, both leagues are still waiting to merge financial accounts.

      2. Due to the complicated process of dissolving both leagues, and then forming a new combined league account, it may be around December before the Santa Teresa Little League account can be initialized.

  2. Safety Officer Report: (From Scott)

    1. All fall ball managers, coaches, and parent volunteers need to turn in a volunteer application with their SSN number; cannot run their application and clear them without an SSN.

    2. For Spring 2015:

      1. BoD are the “guard dogs” in ensuring safety for all players.  

      2. The league needs to come up with a more efficient way of tracking volunteer apps and approval

      3. Would be ideal to have someone whose sole job is to check and follow up with managers, coaches, volunteers to ascertain that they are cleared to work with kids.

  3. Player Agent

    1. Need lower division player agents

      1. Given that the league may have 800+ players come spring, it would be most sane and efficient to have several lower division player agents assisting the general player agent (Mark).

        1. These player agents would attend all in-person registrations, maintain all the paperwork for that division, and resolve any player issues.

        2. They will also maintain the working Google list for their division, and get e-mails from Gil for online signups for their divisions. They will take care of all email correspondence, and we will promote on website their info as contact for respective age groups.

        3. Mark will explain all the procedures and be there to help guide them through the process.  Ideally, there would be a:

      2. T-Ball Player Agent:

      3. A Player Agent

      4. AA Player Agent: to handle any player issues during the season

      5. AAA Player Agent (possibly, as Mark may be coaching in this division).

  4. Fields:

    1. All the fields are fall ball playable, and a huge thank you to everyone who came out to help with the clean ups.  

    2. All the porta-potties are in place, but need to follow up on the cleaning schedule

    3. The mowing/maintenance schedule was sent out;

      1. Division Directors, please make sure that your managers know when they are scheduled.

    4. It seems that some of the fields are not being dragged before or after practices/games;

      1. Division Directors: please alert managers to the importance of dragging the fields

    5. Locks will be replaced where they are needed

      1. Majors field seems to be losing locks;

        1. Division director:please touch base with the managers and see what’s going on

  5. Equipment/Uniforms:

    1. Given the tardiness of the uniforms, the vendor apologized and tried to appease us by

  6. Information Officer

  7. Division Directors

    1. 6U

      1. Great start to the season and good parent involvement

      2. Coaching clinic and safety briefing

      3. Sample Manager Binder

    2. 8U

    3. 10U

    4. 12U

    5. 15U

    6. Spring directors

  8. Concessions:

  9. UIC

  10. Sponsorship/Special Events

    1. Fundraising

      1. Taylor Field

      2. Christmas in the Park 35/35 Opportunity

  11. Coaching Director

    1. Manager Training

  12. President:

    1. Merging of the leagues

      1. Brent & Monica: Need to get OG documentation to be able to close out OG (ie meeting meetings approving merger)

      2. Steve D: Contacted new accountant to assist with completing taxes for OR and to change names

      3. Scott: work with District and LL International to obtain and finalize merger.  We received written approval from Williamsport last week

    2. Constitution: writing currently, will send to board once completed

    3. New Board Roles

      1. people still need to move around/solidify positions

      2. Fall showed how busy we will be.  Need volunteers for everyone.

  13. Miscellaneous:

    1. Upper Division (Intermediate/Jr/Sr)

      1. Jr team pulled out for fall.

      2. Intermediate - will need to build our own schedule (similar to last year)

      3. Jr/Srs: Interest in scheduling games with Gilroy & Evergreen and forming a 3 league schedule and even reaching out to district 12 ( Branham hills, Cambrian etc).  Leagues in our own district have been a mess and don't want their disorganization to affect our players.

      4. Scott will follow up at the next President’s meeting to ask about Interleague rules and playing out of

  14. Next Meeting: October 21, 2014 @ 7:30pm