Minutes 20141027

Minutes for October 27, 2014 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order @ 7:40pm Round Table Pizza

Present: Jeff Canter, Brad Scadden, Chris Morello, Joe Schumacher, Steve Donohue, Jesse Perez, Larry Ramirez, Frank Williamson, Steve Selbo, Scott Johnson, Brian Gilbaugh, Alex Villeneda, Andrea Villeneda, John Tran, Tim Gordon, Ty Rafferty, Thom Mercurio, Valerie Deshong, Mark Gomez, Gary Buck, Gil Barretto, Thanh Barretto

  1. President:

    1. Introduce self and state what was going to do in Spring; please get to know each other

    2. Rain and Cancelling Games:

      1. Jesse, field director, goes to all fields and conditions/safety of fields, concrete, wetness, forecast, to see how safe it is for players; goes out to field  physically to see everything.  Can do it all for fall, but for Spring, may need help with someone checking half the fields.

      2. Jesse makes the call and emails managers list, and managers need to notify team.

      3. Check by 8:30-9am through email if weather seems unsure

      4. Can we also put coaches on the email too so that they can help notify parents:

        1. not a problem, but need to let Gil know names

      5. Other LL may cancel, but we don’t know unless they notify us, so need to confirm or show up if cannot contact other manager.

      6. Play by ear depending if forecast is bad, to decide if games are cancelled part or all day

      7. Jesse makes the final decision

      8. Is there any way of getting managers’ names from other leagues?

        1. Not easy for us as the other LL might not be as organized and so don’t have their managers’ contact information

      9. At District level: can only send email to presidents once District decides on games, then presidents send to managers.

      10. Majors need to show up unless it’s really pouring rain, but you still need to show up when inter-leaguing.

    3. Spring Season Roles: Explains what everyone’s role is on LL website, so below are the general responsibilities:

      1. Player agent- registrations, flyers, paperwork

      2. Safety- safety plan (due beginning of January). Safety binder for each coach and safety presentation for league coaches meeting.

      3. Coaching director- coaching clinic- dates and information (Day after try-outs are done; Chris will work with Mark to get dates); Chris would like suggestions from folks of which clinics are better:

        1. San Jose State is doing another free one, and that was excellent training last year

        2. Will also do internal coaching for T-ball and A, since we have enough experience

          1. Suggested that we do T-Ball and A separately, given amount of teams and differences between the 2 divisions.

      4. Division directors- Please make sure that sheds or containers for each division are cleaned and they contain the necessary equipments:

        1. Check to make sure each division has: rakes/ field lines/ chalked working/ bases, etc, and if missing anything, please let Jesse knows

        2. Fields teams will be playing on for Spring:

          1. T-Ball: Frost and Anderson

          2. A: Frost and A-Field

          3. AA: Bernal and Frost Majors field

          4. AAA: Mostly Bernal, with overflow at Frost

          5. Majors: Anderson

          6. Intermediate: Frost--will make field for 50/70 and 60 ft

          7. Jrs/Srs: Gunderson High School

          8. Steinbeck: Will meet with city to see the schedule; it would be ideal if every division can play games there as it’s a great field.

        3. Need list from Jesse about what needs to be in each shed

        4. Individual divisions, Jesse will get you keys

      5. Concessions- plan for spring season: BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, looking for 2-3 people to help, A or AA player parent, for Frost and Anderson

        1. Can we put a sink at Frost? Do we need permission from school?

        2. Josh can donate time to put in sink

        3. OG had planned to put in waterline, but cost was around 12K, and so was not a priority;

        4. Josh can put in drain that flows out to street

        5. Frost has tiny BBQ pit, and since trying to keep all 3 snack shacks similar, was hoping for sink to help with;

        6. Josh will price it out and give to Scott and Scott will talk to person at district

        7. Scott needs to contact the district person about the potential work

      6. Sponsorship- form and plan for 2015 season: Vicky getting lots of emails, and so is working on it; LL has suggestions  on their website, so should look at it

      7. Treasurer- taxes and accounting up to date

      8. Uniform/equipment- schedule committee for ordering and planning: met with Pro-time and working on proposal for uniforms, since uniforms tend to be nicer

        1. depending on numbers, the higher divisions uniforms may not be as nice

        2. hopefully will get pricing for next meeting

        3. would prefer to have kids keep their spring jerseys, rather than have them turn them in at the end of the season

        4. can only embroider the cap if only the team does it

      9. Fields- plan for preparing for spring.  All fields.: Will have meeting with committee and will have written down what agenda is for fields for spring

      10. Committee Heads: Please start thinking about what meetings you need to have to prep for spring, please don’t wait for Scott to ask you

      11. Coaching committee: can just grab people, just 3 or more people

    4. Bylaws approval from Majors and below; Intermediate, Jr/Sr, not included

      1. Thank you to all those who met, as it was a very long process, so Thank You!

      2. Concerns:

        1. Page 1: practice and play min: min of events for the week: min is mentioned bc might have a manager who may only 1 practice; will change to “scheduled”

        2. Draft system: same as both leagues used: same snake pattern

        3. LL says only catcher needs to wear cup, but we say everyone “should” be wearing it. Will change to “female and male players”; female catchers need protection also.

        4. Not explicit if there will be 1 Majors All-Stars and 2 teams for 11, 10, 9 year olds for All-Stars because we may not have enough good players to field 2 teams for 11, 10, 9s teams

        5. Motion for Bylaws to be approved with the changes being made: 1 abstain, and motion approved

  2. Treasurer

    1. September Report

      1. Financially doing just fine

      2. Accounts merge and STLL is official

      3. Expect to spend about 40K for spring ball, and we are covered without taking any registration fees

      4. Can spend money on Wish List

      5. Way under for fundraising, so need to make it up for Spring

      6. Suggested tracking an in-kind donation; Steve will talk to Joe about it, to document and send it out for donations

        1. We can use the wish list to ask sponsors for donations

  3. Safety Officer Report:

    1. Volunteer Applications for all Board Members:

      1. A player had a fracture elbow from pitch

      2. Need to run volunteer applications for Spring

  4. Player Agent

    1. Spring Sign Up Dates - Help needed

      1. All at Santa Teresa Library Multi-Purpose Room: will have computers going; Mark will send out to board as dates get closer:

        1. Thu 11/13 6-9 pm (4-5 people needed)

        2. Thu 12/4 6-9pm (4-5 people needed)

        3. Sat 1/3  12-4pm (7-8 people needed)

        4. Sat 1/10 1:30 - 5:30pm (7-8 people needed)

        5. Will send out current fall ball folks to

        6. flyers approved, will be placing orders to pass them out to schools

        7. met with Vicky and Gary so it will be very helpful to have their assistance come spring

  5. Fields:

    1. no major complaints, except for restrooms not being cleaned, but solved problem with driver

    2. t-ball fields seem to be lost a lot and have been replacing

      1. for Spring, maybe directors go over locking habits with managers; will put standard locks and chain devices, but won’t work on Porta-potties.

    3. everything will be rekeyed; Board will have master key to unlock everything

    4. concerns: spiders in the porta-potties

    5. will meet with committee to roll out plan for fields renovations

    6. field prep/batter’s boxes (Brad): Concerns about kids not knowing how/when

      1. a manager brought up suggestion about spray chalk the boxes, but financially not feasible

      2. kids don’t know where box is and becomes safety issues

      3. got approval from Quick Creek for chalk bags for spring, and got donation for 120 bags of chalks with 80 remaining for $2 a bag and get it delivered; need to pick up bags from Fremont, and are on pallets; need to pick up the 120 all at once, and we store it.

      4. Joe can provide transportation, but need a storage place

      5. Brad will ask when is the latest that we pick it up

      6. Would like to motion to chalk the remaining 3 games, just the morning games, so to show in good faith, and to teach managers to chalk.

        1. Brad motion to chalk batter boxes for fall ball for 8U and up; 4 abstain, motion approved

        2. Need to make sure managers scrub the lines after, otherwise it just gets messy

      7. Steinbeck might have the only space to store, but Joe can store for a couple of months if need be


  1. Equipment/Uniforms: Will get meeting together

    1. By next board, will have proposal for ¾ of order in for spring

    2. Hope to have mock-ups for uniforms for all divisions

    3. Estimates for uniforms and equipment of what is projected for January and will have a spring order also

    4. Will scale down the upper division uniforms depending on costs

  2. Information Officer: all good

  3. Division Directors

    1. 6U: all good

    2. 8U: all good

    3. 10U: all good according to Jeff; Issues of permit came into play with Milpitas manager; Scott can let President know, but it’s been an issue with this manager

    4. 12U: going well with just issue with 1 team, so something to keep in mind when players request managers and players for next fall.  Teams are not balanced, and  that’s unfair to the team that gets the shaft.

      1. Potentially not have player requests for next fall; will discuss after Spring season

    5. 15U: all good

  4. Concessions: going well, garbage cans vandalized, brand new bbq is messed up because

    1. Directors: please remind managers to

  5. UIC : working on uniforms and equipments, and requesting new budget

    1. going to Western Region and will have rule clinics for managers

  6. Sponsorship/Special Events:

    1. 12/20 for Christmas in the Park event, 15-20K people going through

      1. Sticker the buckets, esp. fallball kids bc of uniforms

      2. 1 hr shifts, 5-10pm,

      3. 6U and 8U for early slot,10U for middle team

      4. Will send out email for signups

      5. Will have about 50 buckets with sealed lid, parents walk with them, come 15 mins before to check out bucket and to check buckets back in at the end of their

      6. Buckets numbered so will know who has which buckets

      7. Joe will send out quick write-up to directors who will send out to managers who will send out to parents

        1. Need to send info to managers to talk to parents before then

      8. Put google doc together for sign ups

      9. Proceeds will benefit Christmas in the Park and STLL, as 50% goes to Christmas in Park and 50% goes STLL

      10. Give specific goals of what we’d like to accomplish for this project

      11. Will provide sound bites to parents to tell donators.

  7. Coaching committee: Jeff C., Scott, Tim, Brad, Thom, Alex, Joe

  8. Miscellaneous:

    1. Intermediate and Jrs

      1. Not covered in Bylaws until much later in the Bylaws meetings

      2. LL states Intermediate could be 11-13yo, although we ran it at 13yo only last year

      3. Giving kids who are 7th grade  the option to play Majors or Intermediate

      4. Ages will change in 2 years, in 2016, so need to prepare the players and league now, as the birthdate cut-off will be Dec 31st, instead of April 30th.

      5. Draft order should be Jrs, Intermediate, then go on down from there

        1. Can do Try-outs for Jrs at City field if need be

      6. Please join the Intermediate-Srs committee if you would like to work out the details: Thom, Frank, Mark, Scott, Steve Selbo

      7. We should not be pulling a kid from his natural division to play at a higher division unless the player wants to, just to fill the Intermediate level

    2. Division Director: talk to managers about managing for spring; can choose team if they get app and vol forms in ASAP

    3. We have 2 Zookas, and will be good to go to someone’s house, need to find a rotation schedule so that every team has an opportunity to use them:

      1. For Spring: will cycle them every week to every manager in AAA division

    4. Have same thing for launchers for AA division

    5. Think we should make LL more competitive

    6. From District level: We have 3 BoD members on the District Board

    7. Mark: Keep your calendar open for Tyouts 7am-4pm, at Anderson and Bernal Fields 1/17 and 1/24/15 (Already placed on STLL calendar)

    8. Flyers going out soon, will need help with school distribution

    9. Division Directors: Need  to approve Spring managers in December, so please let your managers know ASAP so that they can apply.

  9. Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

  10. Next meeting will be Thanksgiving Potluck: November 18,  2014 @ 7:30pm Santa Teresa Library Community Room