Minutes 20141216

Minutes for 12/19/2014 Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 7pm Mountain Mikes Pizza

Present:     Brian Gilbaugh, Jeff Payne, Jeff Canter, Jesse Perez, Mark Gomez, Brent Frame, Monica Frame, Vicky Ramirez, Larry Ramirez, Scott Johnson, Brad Scadden, Tyson Rafferty, Chris Morella, Alex Villaneda

Guests:    Dr. Bradford Murray and Shane Murray from Sensory Speed


  1. Visitor: Shane Murray from Sensory Speed

    1. All board members were given a packet including a free pass for evaluation.

    2. They would like to partner with us to offer their services to our older players as part of a clinic.

    3. We will discuss in January.

  1. President:

    1. Voting on Positive Coaching Alliance

      1. I think importance of positive coaching should be a focus.  I would like to negotiate lower price and have at safety meeting.

      2. We will postpone the vote and will look at our budget closer to the dates of our meetings.

    2. Administrative things done:

      1. Charter for Little League mailed in.

      2. Field Survey submitted to Little League

      3. Field permits submitted to City of San Jose (George Page, Ramac, and Cahalan)

        1. January 17th-  Field reservations

          1. Reservation of City Fields:  January 17th  8am-11:00am

            1. Thom, Steve Selbo, We still need a third person.

        2. December 22nd- 1:00pm-  Negotiation for Allen at Steinbeck

    Mondays-Fridays 4:30-8, Saturdays 9-3, plus one Friday night a month 4:30-10 (two games)

      1. Field permits submitted to San Jose Unified School District

      2. Flyers ordered and last round handed out:

        1. Hit every school in our boundaries 2 times plus 4 private schools

    1. Manager Approvals needed

      1. Juniors:

        1. Steve Selbo approved

        2. John Madril (Need Volunteer form- Can’t approve)

      2. Intermediate:

        1. Thom Mercurio approved

      3. Majors:  Order of submission

        1. Scott Johnson approved

        2. Dave Garcia approved

        3. Jeff Payne approved

        4. Tim Gordon approved

        5. Tyson Rafferty (If only 4 teams in majors, a AAA Manager) approved as first alternate

      4. AAA:  

        1. Brad Scadden approved

        2. Steve Donohue approved

        3. Mitch Williams approved

        4. Mark Gomez approved

        5. Jesse Perez approved

        6. Matt Belardes approved

        7. Gabe Rodriguez approved

        8. Ernie Robles-  (Jeff has volunteer app. Just need to run through the system) approved

        9. Alternates in order

          1. Tyson Rafferty approved

          2. Roger Trevino approved

          3. Zach Smith approved

          4. Ruben Escobar

          5. Gabriel Katich

      5. AA:  Manager:

        1. Chris Morello approved

        2. Jeff Canter approved

        3. Gary Buck approved

        4. Brian Jensen approved

        5. Jesse McGraw approved

        6. William Hendricks approved

        7. Juan Herrera approved.

        8. Derek Gurtler approved

      6. A Ball Manager: Vicky mentioned a concern about getting managers for this level because of the age shift.

        1. Jason Castillo approved

        2. Peter Glasser approved

        3. James Cox approved

      7. T-Ball Manager:

        1. Gavin Harris approved

        2. Steve McClean approved

        3. Micah Abbott approved

        4. Brian Nagatani approved

        5. Sal Gutierrez approved

        6. Adam Gill approved

        7. Ted Ramos approved

        8. Rico Mazzaucco (Jeff has volunteer app. Just need to run through the system) approved

        9. Waiting on Background

          1. Tony King

          2. Abraham Hoguin (need volunteer App)

  1. Treasurer

    1. Current bank balances (as of 12/11

    2. Wish list results-on a google doc

    3. Hand out Bank Cards

  2. Safety Officer Report:

    1. ASAP PLAN – Need for manager meeting-There is some conflict with our dates and the district’s dates.

    2. Approved via Little League

  3. Player Agent:

    1. Review Age Update

      1. Need to give guidance to parents about what division to play in.

      2. Currently at 290 (59 T-ball, 48 A, 62 AA, 70 AAA, 35 Majors, 7 Intermediate, 9 Juniors)

    2. January Saturday Registrations (Staffing Signup)

      1. Sat 1/3 12-4pm

      2. Sat 1/10 1:30 - 5:30pm

      3. Need 12 people per day: sign up sheet

        1. 7 stations taking registration (7 people)

        2. 3 people taking drop off paperwork

        3. 1 directing people

        4. 1 entering registration information into google doc

    3. Parent would like us to allow his 9-year-old to play majors. He wants to play with his brother, who is 12.-It violates our bylaws and would set a precedent.

    4. TRYOUTS:  January 17th & 24th

      1. At Alex Anderson Elementary, 5800 Calpine Drive
        Ages 11-12, 8-10 a.m.| Age 10 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.| Age 9 1:30-4 p.m.

      2. At Bernal Intermediate School
        Ages 8, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. | Ages 7, 12:30-4:30 p.m.

      3. Board members non (drafting AA-M)-managers: Vicky Ramirez, Joe Schumacher, Larry Ramirez, Monica Frame, Brent Frame, Alex Villeneda, Andrea Villeneda, Valerie Deshong, Brian Folden, Gary Buck, Gil Barretto, Thanh Barretto, John Tran,  Thom Mercurio, Steve Selbo, Kandice/James Cox, Brian Gilbaugh

      4. Board Members going to fields meeting on 1/17: Thom Mercurio, Steve Selbo

      5. Board members likely managers

        1. AA: Jeff Canter, Chris Morello, 

        2. AAA: Brad Scadden, Steve Donohue, Jesse Perez, Mark 

        3. Majors: Tim Gordon, Jeff Payne, Scott Johnson, Ty Rafferty 

      6. Staffing

        1. Tryout Staffing Spreadsheet - Mark has done a best guess

        2. Needs:

          1. Bernal Objective Grader (7 / 8)

          2. Bernal Staff to run tryouts

          3. Those with older kids (13+), they could be helpful out on the field, entertaining kids, etc. Maybe major kids can help out after their tryouts (maybe at bernal?)

  4. Fields

    1. Field improvement requests submitted to Oak Grove School District

      1. Frost:  Sodding and irrigation:  The irrigation worker is on vacation.  He will return week after Christmas.  The Manager stated prior to work irrigation and Jesse would need to meet and walk through everything.  This project could be done February break. The irrigation must be done by the district because of union issues and they will pay for it. We will not be able to use this field in February.

      2. Anderson:  Fencing: The district has approved the project.  They are going to require the markings are done.  The fencing company has been delayed to get needed supplies.  They stated late January now and I advised need to be done by January 16th.  Waiting for reply. We may not have the netting by tryouts in January.

      3. Bernal:  re-sodding of field: Sitting on principal desk to sign.  Hoping to get approved during the break.

    2. Itemized list of supplies that could be purchased at Orchard Supply or Lowes.-Jesse made the list and it needs to be sent to Joe to get donations.

      1. chance to get more chalk donated from Lowe’s after the first of the year-need to contact them

    3. Contacted School District to get update on work projects.

      1. Update:

        1. Anderson fencing- Met with District today at noon

        2. Frost Fields

    4. Clean out Frost storage container and move mound to field 12/26 at 8 AM

    5. Bernal:  remove windscreens from AAA

  5. Equipment/Uniforms:

    1. Update on ordering

  6. Information Officer

  7. Division Directors

    1. Sheds at respective fields ready to go-Jesse will resend the list of what needs to be in the sheds to the division directors.

      1. Division Bucket

      2. Needed Equipment

      3. Ready for Spring Season

    2. Major

      1. Interleague with Evergreen

    3. Intermediate

      1. Schedule

    4. Jr

      1. Field Concerns:

        1. Varsity Limitations-about every 3 years we get kicked off the field, school wants us to use the J/V field which is the field used in fall

        2. Building dugout on J/V Field

          1. lack of dugouts is a safety concern

          2. waiting on bid

      2. Schedule - playing Evergreen/Gilroy

  8. Sponsorship/Special Events-ready for Christmas in the Park

  9. Coaching Director

    1. bullet points for each level are ready for the coaches

    2. Dates: Conflict of 1/31 (with intermediate/jr tryouts) and initial plan

    3. T-Ball/ A-Ball

      1. Jeff and Joe will do the training

      2. tentatively set for 2/8/15 at 3 PM

      3. may need to do another training later for managers added late

      4. may need to do a training a few weeks into the season

    4. AA/AAA/Majors- SJSU  1/31/14

    5. ask South Bay about pitching and hitting clinics for all levels

  10. Miscellaneous:

        Umpire Training-2/22/15 at Anderson, rain out move to 3/1/15

        Safety and Mangers Meeting for all managers-2/12/15

            -need to reserve the library (Thanh)

            -start at 6 PM

            -dinner included

         Team Parent Meeting-needs to be set

            -Vicky and Monica will work with Andrea

        Field Clean Up Dates

            -Frost 2/21/15

            -Anderson 2/15/15

            -Bernal 3/1/15

        Score Keeping Clinic-use the video on You Tube

            -have Gil put a link on the website

            -possibility of using Game Changer

  1. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM

  2. Next meeting: 1/13/2015