Minutes 20150113

Minutes for 1/13/15 Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 7:37 Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Vicky Ramirez, Larry Ramirez, Jeff Canter, Chris Morello, Joe Schumacher, Jesse Perez, Steve Selbo, Scott Johnson, Alex Villeneda, Andrea Villeneda, Ty Rafferty, Thom Mercurio, John Tran, Gary Buck, Mark Gomez, Brian Folden, Gil Barretto, Thanh Barretto, Brent Frame, Brad Scadden, Jeff Payne,  Steve Donohue, Brian Gilbraugh


  1. President:


      1. Charter has been approved and we are finalized for spring

      2. Insurance is in and we are up to date.

      3. Paperwork for incorporation for name change has been submitted and sitting in CA.

    2. Hardtke World of Baseball is hosting a special camp for Santa Teresa Little League; parents sign up through Hardtke link, and mainly for AAA and down

      1. Fielding Clinic: Sunday 2/15, 2-4pm at Anderson

      2. Hitting Clinic: Sunday 2/22, 9-11 am at their HWOB facility in Campbell.

      3. Pitching Clinic: Sunday 2/22, 11:30-1:30pm at their HWOB facility in Campbell.

      4. Cost is $10 for 1 camp, $20 for 2 camps, $30 for 3 camps (about 6 hrs training)

      5. Sign up soon as it’s filling up; link to their website sign-up is on our website.


      1. Thom Mercurio

      2. Steve Selbo

      3. Still need a 3rd person

      4. Scott is asking that either Steve or Thom stay behind once everyone has already left, to take whatever fields is left.

    4. PRESIDENTS MEETING TOMORROW NIGHT: Will try to get district 12 to get teams ready so we can play against them for our Jrs team. Will talk to them about Intermediate teams also.

  2. Treasurer: Current balances:

    1. Started purchasing on wish list.

    2. Send folks to Mark for any player cancellations, and he will forward the info to Steve.

  3. Safety Officer Report: At DO going over Safety plans

  4. Player Agent:  

    1. Registration efforts: We all should be proud that in the first year we will be ahead of the combined registrations for both leagues last spring.

      1. Flyers

      2. Facebook

      3. phone calls

      4. banners

    2. Divisions, # of teams

      1. 2 teams of Jrs, 3 teams of Intermediate; neighboring leagues can send some kids over if they don’t have enough players for a team, which is fine.

      2. Majors: 60 kids, proposing 5 teams; 12 returning players only, so kids will be young

      3. AAA: 14 teams; (we have 14 teams right now)

      4. AA: 14 teams; working on getting managers; have some more apps in that need approval; 10 approve thus far; 1 pending need to discuss; 2 to approve;

      5. A: 12-14 teams

      6. T-Ball: 12-14 teams

      7. Sent out emails so folks will know where kids need to go for try-outs

      8. Canter: sent out emails to managers; worse comes to worse, 15 kids per team if we don’t have enough managers, and then we might need to refund

      9. Sign ups for seniors: start promoting later in March, early April

    3. Tryout staffing:

      1. Need another impartial grader for; could just do several grades and  (Jeff C., Gary, and Joe S.  can do eval and do an average)

      2. AAA managers need to be there before

      3. Brent will send to Gil All-Stars rosters from last year for the tryout forms

      4. 3 Swings, run to 3rd base, catch 3 flyballs,

      5. using the Zooka for Anderson to shoot flyballs; Brent will build the new machines

      6. Volunteers to get 10 helmets, 4-5 bats; John will cover Anderson; Jeff will cover Bernal

      7. Thom will call Brad Treece and Jeff Ewing to help out. Brad can help.

      8. Division Directors: contact managers so they know where to go.

    4. AA, AAA tournaments scheduling format, proposed single-elimination, blind draw (We need to figure this out now so it can be built into schedules)

      1. Bylaws committee: first half and 2nd half winners

      2. AAA: Slugfest style; 2 brackets of 7 teams, quarter finals, semi finals, finals on closing day; round-robin style

      3. AA: Single elimination tournaments to give them a taste; start after Memorial Day and finish by closing day

    5. Managers: Passed all background checks

      1. Canter proposed for AAA: Brent Frame, Ruben Escobar, Andrew Kim, Gabriel Katich; 2 abstained; all approved

      2. Derek Gurtler backed out; 7 approved for AA

      3. AA: Jesse Salas (pending approval), Patrick Geary, Bryan Morrissey, Brian Gilbraugh, Dennis Leon: all approved

      4. We have 3 other potential AA managers: Propose them once you get their OK

      5. A: 3 already approved

      6. Nominated : Joshua Visperes, Kevin Fong, Michelle Hartley-Down; unanimously approved

        1. 3 more in the works

      7. T-ball: Currently have 8

      8. Nominated: Matt McDonald, Rebecca Desagun, Tony King,

      9. Pending background check: Ryan Patterson, Gina Phelps, Rocio Kappeman; unanimously approved

        1. 1 more potential in the works

      10. Jr: Nominate Tomas Martinez , pending clearance: unanimously approved


  1. Fields

    1. Anderson Majors:  The poles are up.  The chain link has been added.  The netting will be delivered in the next 2 weeks, and need to put up padding. Once they get it they will install it.  Looks awesome.

    2. Anderson T-ball-  Jesse group has resodded part of the field.  Looks sharp

    3. Bernal Field-  AA field has been re-sodded, looking good.

    4. Bernal AAA Field-  The lines for the field have been cleaned up.  Looks great and ready for a busy season. Locks on fields.

    5. Anderson Dugouts need locks, so will get those and new keys.

      1. Still has ST part that needs to be placed on scoreboard

    6. Frost Fields-  After 3 meetings with district and running around papers they are holding up the project.  We cannot touch Frost until the district OKs it. The district is debating the irrigation issues and won't let us fix it but have not agreed to fix as well.  We are tentatively shooting for February break to re-sod Frost.  If irrigation is not done before then, we won’t be able to re-sod this season.

      1. Can we scrape in-field? Most likely not, until they get things resolved with irrigations and don’t know how they are going to pay for it.

      2. District will work on it when they want to.

      3. Will reach out to principal so he can contact the DO about it; talk to Scott if interested in helping out with this.

      4. Perhaps form a Frost Field Committee and see if we can move forward on this.

    7. NEEDS:  

      1. Got complaints of the windscreens at AAA.  Need someone to cut them down and dispose of them: Jesse volunteers

      2. Board members to mow again.  Bernal and Anderson fenced in fields.  Both need to be ready for their tryouts. At least once a week.

        1. Jesse will mow Bernal

        2. Alex will mow Anderson


  1. Equipment/Uniforms: 450 jerseys; with hats next week, and jerseys in 2 weeks; 11K total; budget was 17K; will work with budget to get everything needed.

    1. Equipment: most likely will be close to the budgets ; need helmets, catcher’s gears;  have more teams in AAA then  we estimated; separate budget for all-stars uniforms; will combine fall and spring budgets to use.

      1. Will have another uniform/equipment meeting

      2. Heat-pressed shirts: the logos are coming off and cracking; Pro-time said they can replace (but same problem), or refund them.

        1. Screen-printing is more expensive

        2. Will hold meeting to determine next steps


  1. Information Officer: Shut down AA, still taking other registration; once hear how many more AA managers we get (from Jeff), Mark will let Gil know how many more we can get.

  2. Division Directors: When your field is being worked on, please check out sheds for inventory

    1. T-Ball

    2. A

    3. AA

    4. AAA

    5. Major

    6. Intermediate

    7. Jr: Gunderson High: can use Varsity field on limited basis, and our practice fields; Intermediate and Jrs are going to balloon.

      1. would like to add dugouts to practice fields so that we can have games

      2. bid A1 Fencing, and getting other bids

        1. Got approval from Athletic Director and Principal

        2. Hope to get this done before we start games

  3. Concessions: Nothing new

  4. UIC:

    1. Batting helmets made of chrome are not allowed; stickers cannot be on helmets, no sharpies on helmets except for foam part; no paint

    2. Brian F. will email to Gil what needs to be said so parents will be alerted

    3. one foot in batter’s bat at all divisions

    4. Use lineup cards from Schriver for AAA and above (Brian F. can help order and teach paper how to use it).

    5. letter from manufacturer is ok if it states the changes will not compromise the helmet

    6. Quito LL Sect. Feb 7 and 8th; prereg if folks want to go; go out to all families or

    7. Feb 22 Anderson, March 1st Bernal (raining date backup), District 59 training

    8. Umpire Buyouts List in the works

    9. Need to let Brian know if there is a missed game so that he will follow up with the teams

    10. Will vote online or at the next meeting on the umpire policy

    11. Send Brian an email if you have concerns about Frank Williamson umpiring your games.

  5. Sponsorship/Special Events:

    1. Each team needs to do $500; form is already online, along with letter on the google drive; wrote to several corporations for our wish list; Joe got donations for papers and things so we don’t

    2. contacting bounce house vendors, Gigante will be there an hour before event starts; working on Jamba Juice, Joe’s doing lots of food; expecting folks 7-3pm; getting high school volunteers; church parking lots will be reserved; flyer for foods and event will be sent out soon, with prices; flyers go out mid-Feb.; hard copy will go into team parent folders, and online will be out the same time; Joe will bring tables and chairs.

    3. Directors: need managers to sign up for dunk tank

  6. Coaching Director: San Jose State coaching on Jan. 31, for AAA and Majors; Canter will re-send out email to remind them

  7. Miscellaneous:

    1. BoD Shirts: Motion for board member specific shirt, $25 is cost, and will have them by opening day; 1 oppose, 1 abstained.

    2. GameChanger Pilot for Spring Majors - Payne

    3. Positive Coaching Alliance--will be $800 which fits our budget, 6-7:30pm on Safety meeting night.: 1 abstain, all approved to have another date

      1. Will have the event but on another date

    4. Sensory Speed wants to do clinic, and will do for free

    5. San Jose Batting Cages wants to do clinic days for certain days and we would get a percentage of it.

    6. GameChanger Pilot for Spring Majors: Will have more info later


  1. Meeting adjourned at 10:34pm

  2. Next meeting: January 27, 2015