Minutes 20150127

Agenda for January 27, 2015 Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 7:45pm Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Vicky Ramirez, Larry Ramirez, Steve Selbo, Scott Johnson, Alex Villeneda, Andrea Villeneda, Ty Rafferty, Thom Mercurio, Monica Frame,  Brent Frame, Chris Morello, Joe Schumacher, Jesse Perez, Brad Scadden, Jeff Payne,  Steve Donohue, Brian Gilbraugh,

John Tran, Gary Buck, Mark Gomez, Brian Folden, Gil Barretto, Thanh Barretto, Brent Frame, Brad Scadden, Jeff Payne,  Steve Donohue, Brian Gilbraugh, Valerie Deshong


Guests: Carol Johnson: Scott’s mom, part of the auditing committee; she runs reports and double-checks financial reports.


  1. President: nothing much--round of applause to everyone for the high enrollment

  2. Treasurer: hats and inscription

  3. Safety Officer Report: Safety plan almost done; need charter (Scott to send to Brian)

  4. Player Agent:

    1. Finalize number of teams: still getting emails, return players who still want to sign up, so still taking them; met with Majors and AAA Directors and Vice-presidents and president to see what can be done about Majors; with 5-6 teams, we would be playing with Evergreen only

    2. roster sizes: Cap at 12; send some 9 yo down to AAA; AA will be around 12; need to consider safety risks for some kids, so need to adjust their level accordingly.

    3. shutting down registrations: after Saturday, must email Mark for registration, since that is the make-up tryouts

      1. Juniors and Intermediate will continue to be available

    4. Recommendation is to cap all teams at 12. We have space in AA to push down the lower scoring 9s.

    5. Issues:

      1. We have one kid age 12 who wants AAA. There's safety concerns for two other 12s. Board must approve.

      2. Pushing down kids age 9 into the AA draft. We have some siblings requests involving 9s. We need to decide some way to handle this. My thought: Any kid age 9 who is a sibling request, and whose score is not in Donny's bottom 15, must be taken as the sibling option.

  5. Fields:

    1. AA, AAA Bernal patchwork all done there, and t-ball field all done; should be fine for Opening Day

    2. Majors need to tread lightly on the sod once practice starts

    3. Light at Anderson is replaced

    4. Porta-potties at Bernal was contacted

    5. Met with committee, will roll out schedules for field day--already on calendar

      1. Division directors please push out to managers

      2. Post on websites

    6. Frost: make due with what we have until we hear further from district

    7. Anderson: kids got into batting cage, so need to put some railroad ties; kid crawling underneath.

    8. Need field people to help, as Jesse will be out of town for a short period of time

    9. Signage: will make a brand new sign for Anderson; Bernal looks good; can discuss more signage for Please Remember signs; will make Home and Away signs for all the dugouts.

    10. Chris will put in bat-holders for all dugouts

    11. 60+ bags of chalk: might get bags for free from Lowe’s; Brad will follow-up

  6. Equipment/Uniforms: Got first shipment, uniforms for half the teams; Intermediate is coming in second shipment

    1. Need to place order by this week, if we want everyone to get uniforms the same time; John will just decide on the teams if people has not picked them out

    2. Budget: solidified equipment order; have surplus, so will carry over to uniform budget (which is over budget), will still have surplus for all-stars uniforms

    3. New equipment will come in next week; calling around to donate old equipments and uniforms

      1. Valerie will take care of it: give to group that sends things oversea to third world country

      2. Have equipment by first week of Feb. since managers will want to start practicing

      3. Will hold onto uniforms until Manager’s meeting, and pass them out then.

      4. Return spiritwear to ProTime; they will reimburse for the returned merchandise; silkscreen and buy in bulk of 25.

      5. Will have another committee meeting for spirit wear, what kinds and have them ready for Opening Day

      6. Shutdown online store since merchandise will be changing

      7. Thanks to Joe for getting all the safety kits donated

      8. Can have name on back of hat, but all kids on team need to do it.

      9. No names on back of uniforms

      10. AAA hat are the velcro kind hats

  7. Information Officer:

    1. Made Google group for spring managers; please add your own managers, since all board members can edit

    2. Board members are also listed on the managers’ group, so please don’t cc board members on these emails (or else we will get double)

    3. Building out all the team pages to get list of managers and teams and will be later up this week

    4. Need rosters from Mark


  1. Division Directors:

    1. Managers’ Binder: Need all the info send to Joe ASAP by next Friday at the latest

      1. will pass out at safety meeting

      2. medical forms, blank volunteer apps; will have rosters for each team; team parent folder; set-up procedure for fields; field permits

      3. LL property so will re-collect binders

      4. Division Directors: copy and paste the bylaws for your division from our website so that your managers will have it

      5. For each division: have managers’ names and contact info so managers can contact each other directly if they need anything.

      6. if you need anything printed, just give to Joe ASAP

    2. T-Ball: We’re over 2 t-ball managers

    3. A: Need to call one more

    4. AA: everything is good; thank everyone for helping with the eval; so went well; 

      1. Suggestion that every manager need to provide 2-3 names for assistant coaches for their team, but can’t coach until they have volunteer forms approved

      2. Next meeting: Divisions directors let managers know that coaches need to be approved by board; Scott will provide the names submitted to him and pending their applications approval, they will be voted on.

      3. BACKGROUND CHECKS REQUIRED for anyone who interacts with the kids.

    5. AAA: Everything’s good

    6. Major: Good

    7. Intermediate (7th grade): Great tryouts; some kids from BV for intermediate and jrs; we have 5 teams from 13yo on up; Jeff Ewing and Brad Treece came out to help; need another manager, no one yet.

    8. Juniors (8th): 3 teams, 3 managers; really good try-outs; lots of talent

  2. Concessions: getting Frost ready; what do do with OG clothes; so will donate them to Salvation Army or Hope.

  3. UIC: Policy:

    1. Incentive program had to pick games 2 weeks out, changed it to anytime during the season

    2. Would like to take AAA kids to do umpire for AA or Intermediate for Majors, not 2 divisions down

      1. majors and above should have no kid, but AAA and AA should be OK for kids

      2. Kids need to go to training to umpire

    3. Punishing managers for missing a game is harsh, especially when we’re begging them to manage, especially if there are extenuating circumstances    

      1. alternative:

      2. Suggestion: Subject to suspension; make language somewhat flexible; meet in front of committee to

      3. Can present it differently to league and make individual decisions about how to handle each situation; present to parents what we believe in as to why umpiring is important; and the board can make decision; Steve will send doc to Brian F.

      4. Shorts: it gets hot so think people can wear shorts

        1. It looks more professional if umpires are dressed appropriately, so shirt tucked in, appropriate shoes, sports shoes.

        2. Subject to disciplinary action

      5. Anyone interested in working on policy, lets meet in committee: Thom, Scott, Brent, Ty, Steve--Brian will contact to meet. Will need to vote online because need info for Safety meeting

      6. Voted to approve policy as is: Yes 7; No 20, Abstain 2

      7. Umpires for tournaments: will need to come up with policy on how to select umpires.

      8. Incentive Policy: Will be voted on later

  4. Sponsorship/Special Events: Sponsors coming in;

    1. BJ’s want to give us sponsorship; coming to Opening Day

    2. Hamsterball: large inflated balls where kids race each other: $500, and Scott will check with LL insurance to see if it’s covered. Jeff Payne will sponsor it.

    3. Dunk tank volunteers still needed

  5. Coaching Director: Feb 9 is coaching clinic for t-ball and A divisions

    1. lots of information for parents at team meeting

    2. coaching curriculum and what each level should be able to do by the next level

    3. lots of info and will be placed on the google drive for everyone to access and add to.

  6. Miscellaneous:

    1. Game changer: for Majors and above,  need to be funded by league

      1. LL approved

      2. Not enough time to incorporate it fully this year. Can test run it and reassess for next Spring.

    2. Credit card found

    3. Fire extinguisher replaced every year? Brian G. says it should be changed every 2 years if replaceable, or 6 years if the permanent kind

  7. Meeting adjourned at 10pm

  8. Next meeting: Feb. 17, 7:30pm Santa Teresa Library