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Minutes for February 17th, 2015 Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 7:45pm Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Mark Gomez, Andrea Villeneda, Alex Villeneda, Larry Ramirez, Vicky Ramirez, Brent Frame, Jim Correa, Jeff Canter, Chris Morello, John Tran, Brian Gilbraugh, Brad Scadden, Valerie Deshong, Jeff Payne, Steve Donohue, Thom Mercuiro, Steve Selbo, Thanh Barretto, Gil Barretto, Monica Frame


  1. President:

    1. Game Schedules

      1. Basic plan

      2. Effect of TOC on majors: Majors schedule is the main difficulty: Majors need to be done 2 weeks before end of season so there’s enough rest time before tournament games; there are 24 majors games total for each team, but only scheduled 22, and there will be a random draw for teams that don’t make TOC, so they can play their last 2 games

    2. Season Closing: June 7

    3. Minor (AAA/AA) Tournaments are on the calendar and part of the game schedule

    4. TOC dates from President meeting:

      1. Dates for all stars:

        1. 9 year old: June 13th- 2 teams

        2. 10 year old: June 20th- 2 teams

        3. 11 year old: June 20th- 2 teams

        4. Major : June 20th- 1 team

        5. Intermediate: June 13th- 1 team; STLL hosting this division of

        6. Juniors: June 27th- 1 team

    5. March 5th- Positive Coaching Alliance- At least 1 coach or manager from every team (prefer manager and 2 coaches)  6-8pm training/ 8-8:30 division meetings covering rules; held at Edenvale Community Room

    6. Schedules can still change

    7. Due to compressed timeline for Majors, there will have to be games on Hit-A-Thon, and games for every level on Easter Saturday.

    8. District is charging league $300 for post-season

  2. Treasurer

    1. Our account balances are

    2. Budgets: there are areas that we are above budget, but there are also places where we have overspent; so we cannot spend any money yet until we take in more for the areas we budgeted for.

      1. Budget will be fine if teams bring in the teams sponsorships.
  3. Safety Officer Report:

    1. Safety Meeting follow up: 12 managers did not show up, and we need to ascertain that they read through the safety binder, and thus knows the correct procedure

      1. Brian will put together a 10 questions quiz for those managers to prove that they went through the binder

      2. Division directors need to make sure managers go through binders

      3. A larger room for the meeting would’ve been better, but due to scheduling conflicts with the community room, we could not use Santa Teresa Library

        1. Will reserve Santa Teresa Library for next year’s Safety meeting, so the sooner a date is chose, the better.

      4. Different presenters made it easier for managers to absorb information

  4. Player Agent:

    1. T-ball and A still signing up.

    2. AAA and AA had some movements; pretty happy with the few hiccups

    3. Over 800 without Challenger and Seniors

    4. Tryouts Reflections: 9 and 8yo was a bit confusing  (kids who signed up for A but wanted AA), along with the two different fields.

      1. Will meet in committee to discuss improvements for next year tryouts

    5. T-ball: Need to draw the line where we don’t take requests to switch teams anymore

  5. Fields

    1. Anderson Field Cleanup - thanks to all who came, need more board support

    2. Very disappointing small turnout for Anderson cleanup:  Majors/ tee ball but it took more time and work to get done.

      1. 2 major managers: (Marlins & Giants)

      2. 1 major assistant: (A's)

      3. 1 Major family ( Red Sox)

      4. 5 AAA managers

      5. 4 Tee- Ball managers

      6. Board members:

        1. Jesse, Scott, Mark, Jeff, Thom, Brent, Brad, Steve, Rico, - Might have missed some folks

      7. Incentive for showing up as a manager: Priority on practice schedule after season starts.  Managers who attended last should have a +.

        1. Team managers can send their players’ families and that will still give the team credit

        2. Monica will take care of sign-ins for folks who show up.

    3. Parking signage for Anderson (2), Bernal (3), and Frost (3) with:

      1. Warning: Parking and respecting neighbors.  (no double parking, blocking driveways and to utilize school parking lot first. )

      2. $300 for all signs above

      3. Need email to be sent to all who checked Field Maintenance - Gil will gather the online emails, but won’t be able to get those who signed up in person.

        1. Gil will send emails to Canter and he will send out email to volunteers

    4. Anderson

      1. Majors

        1. First base post replaced

        2. Added conditioner to infield

        3. Removed weeds through out

        4. Sprayed for weeds (don’t post)

        5. Cleaned up around field

      2. TBall

        1. Removed weeds in infield

        2. Added baseball mix

        3. Replaced box for quick coupler

        4. Removed weeds through out

        5. Sprayed for weeds (don’t post)

        6. Cleaned up around field

    5. Frost update:

      1. The infield re-sod  and field expansion project should be completed Monday 2/16.

      2. Field cleanup at Frost Saturday 2/21;  8am until 2pm.  All hands on deck!

      3. Jesse  will have everything ready for clean-up. Brent Fitch will bring bobcat and roller.

      4. Majors/AAA-Intermediate

        1. Install 70’ base posts

        2. Spread baseball mix  

        3. Remove weeds around dugouts and bleachers

        4. Install windscreens

      5. AA/A

        1. Aerate infield

        2. Spread seed and sand

        3. Remove weeds

        4. Spread baseball mix

        5. Install wind screen

      6. Tball

        1. Aerate infield

        2. Spread seed and sand

        3. Remove weeds

        4. Remove weed barrier

        5. Spread baseball mix

        6. Install wind screen

      7. Movement of intermediate mound to Frost field: Brent will take care of this

        1. recent burglary at shed: missing speaker system; filed police report

          1. Jeff P. will donate his speakers to the league

    6. Movement of little league mounds to Frost and Steinbeck field: currently at Scott’s house: Brent will touch base with Scott to make the movements

      1. portable fence moved to Steinbeck

    7. movement of chalk to all fields: coordinate with Joe to move it

    8. Get all required equipment to all fields

    9. Junior equipment and field improvement

    10. Mounds

      1. Juniors mound: managers build mound (Gunderson)

      2. Major mound: managers build mound  (Anderson field)

      3. AA mound: managers build mound (need to build)

    11. Major fields: chalker/ replace tire: Jesse get the stuff and Thom will replace

    12. Bernal AA/ AAA shed- Louisville pitching machine and net need to be moved to A field.  Canter will take care of this

  6. Equipment/Uniforms:

    1. Order of hats: in next week

    2. Adult size adjustable for all 14 AAA teams; youth hats too small for lots of players, so need to order for 6 Adult hats for all AAA teams.

    3. Coaches’ shirts ordered and hopefully they come by opening day

    4. Want the ones that don’t fit back, so we can try to sell it, or keep it

    5. After opening day if they make merchandise requests after

    6. Got patches and will pass them out

    7. Shipments coming in, and just a couple of things missing

    8. Pickups of equipments this Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    9. More dates for swaps next week

    10. Used helmets, catchers’ gears, return to get new ones.

    11. Still have spirit wear items sell for Opening Day

    12. We’re under budget; saving surplus for all-stars

    13. Equipment should all be handed out this weekend

  7. Information Officer:

    1. all teams and rosters built out

    2. Division director: please tell manager that they need to double check parents’ emails since there might be some obsolete ones

  8. Division Directors

    1. T-Ball: Nominated

      1. Michael Segura:unanimous

      2. Tino Castillo: unanimous

    2. A: Nominated:

      1. Kenneth Wilson, Paul Sanchez, David Martin, Kevin Kimerer, Antonio Gutierrez, Erik Calleja,

      2. all unanimous approved

    3. AA: several discussions with managers with some not having gear; most already started practicing, some without keys, division meeting tomorrow at 7pm to go over rules

    4. AAA: volunteer coaches forms done; most had practice and team meetings; for those without equipment, been lending them what Jeff P. has

    5. Major: Will make some rounds to check out teams and will hold meeting

    6. Intermediate: Jeff Kuch: 1 abstain; 21 approved; coaching

    7. Jr

      1. Coach wants to add player out of draft order; 2 teams of 11, and 1 team of 10.

      2. Pool play enacted if needed

    8. Challenger: full team; playing from Anderson to Treasure Island; will have fu

      1. Have AAA and Majors kids come out to help with the team on home games

    9. Nail Dragging Schedule

      1. Jesse needs help creating schedule

        1. drag from infield dirt to outfield dirt

        2. Mark will work with Gil to get this done and online

      2. List should start week until end of season. Have BOD start the first two weeks for their respective division;

        1. Chris will do Bernal tomorrow;

        2. Thom will do any Sundays

      3. Anderson

        1. Majors

        2. Tball (Rico is taking care of it for the season)

      4. Bernal

        1. AAA

      5. Frost

        1. Intermediate/Majors

  9. Concessions: Sweatshirts, jackets, and t-shirts donated to Hope Services, and sent off 4 truckloads of equipment to the Phillipines

    1. Everything ready for Opening Day

  10. UIC

    1. February 22- Umpire Clinic, Anderson 9am-2pm (lunch provided)

      1. Need managers/ asst/ and general emails for interested people with umpire incentive program attached.  Canter will take care of this.

      2. AAA can umpire AA; 2 division difference to umpire.

        1. Jrs can do Majors

  11. Sponsorship/Special Events: for the team that brings in in the most money, BJ will sponsor their end of year pizza party

    1. Planning for Opening Day is coming together

    2. Need folks to sign up for dunk tank

    3. Sports World: potential sponsor to take pictures during games

  12. Coaching Director: need to approve coaches: Nominate Eric Garay 4 Yes, 5 Nay, 2 Abstain

    1. Steve will send out e-vote to group for the rest of the coaches

    2. Will do t-balls later when coaches are determined

  13. Miscellaneous:

    1. If you resign from the Board, please find your replacement as this will help with the continuity of the league

    2. Rule Books: when collect patches, need to get rule books from John

    3. Porta potties for Randol and Stratford--ask Jesse to find prices and order

    4. Need 2 positions for John’s 1 person role; one person for uniform and another for equipment

    5. score-keeping clinic: Brent will look for video to post online; Val’s mom can teach the clinic: March 4th, 6-7pm at Legacy Christian School

      1. Brent will teach how to scorekeep on Game Changer


  1. Meeting adjourned at 10:10pm

  2. Next meeting: March 3, Santa Teresa Library Community Room