Minutes 20150303

Minutes for  March 3rd, 2015  Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 7:40 Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Mark Gomez, Monica Frame, Vicky Ramirez, Larry Ramirez, Jim Correa, Jesse Perez, Chris Morello, Andrea Villaneda, Alex Villaneda, Jeff Canter, Joe Schumaker , John Tran, Brian Gibraugh, Gary Buck, Jeff Payne, Brad Scadden, Valerie Deshong, Steve Selbo, Steve Donohue, Thanh Barretto, Gil Barretto, Scott Johnson


  1. President:

    1. 2nd Round of Volunteer/Assistant Coach approvals: Steve D. will send out online voting for approvals.

    2. Positive Coaching Alliance:   Thursday March 5 @ Edenvale Library: Board and managers make all effort to attend this meeting; Division Director meeting right after

      1. Division Directors: Please notify and encourage your manages to attend the Positive Coaching Alliance meeting

    3. Oak Grove School District:  Moved off of Stratford because Softball  Girl softball on there with permit also, so district made decision that we can use Santa Teresa Elem. School; will need to spike and drag dirt and work on it, as it’s in bad shape, but it would be a better place because we can practice from Majors to t-ball on that field.

      1. need to get permit and pass on to other managers who will be practicing there

      2. need to change all practices from Stratford to Santa Teresa

      3. need to move equipment shed and everything from Stratford to Santa Teresa: Scott will do this when he gets the ST permits--please contact him if you can help.

    4. Board members: We are the examples of the other parents, managers and coaches of how we should react when a game is occurring.

    5. State paperwork/ Little League paperwork is all done!

  2. Treasurer: nothing new

  3. Safety Officer Report: submitted to district, they signed off and theres a hold at LL until all rosters are in; will send out Safety Plan after getting approval.

  4. Player Agent: We did upload all players, and will upload again; 825 players with Challenger

    1. We also have players on waiting list

    2. 16 teams at t-ball at 10-11.

  5. Fields

    1. Fields update on Bernal. Work completed but low numbers.

      1. need to change for future because not getting enough help, need to look at ways to hold people more accountable to help clean

      2. Suggestions for Future:

        1. Maybe no one will practice at all during field clean up days

        2. Schedule practice on the field clean ups days, stagger teams to show up

      3. Jesse will put up windscreen

    2. Practice field porta-potties:

      1. Schools indicated they don’t want them on the fields unless we take total responsibilities

      2. We can get them on the field as long as we have monitoring, but someone needs to check on them weekly to make sure they are

      3. United is horrible for cleaning

      4. We won’t necessarily be able to put one on every field; it’s $100 per potty

      5. Oakridge and Randol are the fields with the most practices

      6. Joe will follow up with 2 other vendors to get quotes

      7. Steve will look at budget to make sure we have funding

      8. Will hold off on proposal and voting until we have more data (by next meeting)

    3. Chalk:

      1. Need 5-6 people to do chalk, and need to do either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to get to every fields, and it will be hauling the bags

      2. Joe: bring 50 bags to Frost on Opening Day, and will divide up the rest between 2 fields

    4. Frost Field:All ready for Opening Day

      1. Intermediate mound and Little League mound Storage:  Season starts Saturday; there’s a shelf and if we take it off, the mound would fit.

        1. need to be there for Saturday’s game on Opening Day at 3pm.

        2. will break shelf down on Friday @4pm at Frost; Brad, Mark, Jeff, Jesse, anyone else

          1. Brad will coordinate with Scott to pick up his mound on Friday

          2. Brad needs to let Monica/Brent know when he’s picking up the Intermediate mound

    5. Allen at Steinbeck:

      1. Scott will move Little League mound and portable fence over tomorrow

      2. A ball pitching machine needs to move over

      3. Chris will link up with Scott to bring the other pitching machine too.

    6. Anderson:

      1. Need base tools to clean out base plugs and get buckets together. Got new bucket, and will stock them for people.

      2. Bernal: AA fence posts all there: they are there, but get managers together and put poles in; all poles are there.

    7. Locks: fence by Miner: Steve D. will take care of it

    8. Keys: A division won’t have keys for snack shack; all others will have keys

    9. Division Directors: please have your managers check to make sure they check their permits, and that t-ball doesn’t have to start practice at 4pm, that they can start at 5-6.

    10. Jeff C. will be at Frost 9:30am to build AA; need a truck and wheelbarrow to transport the extra dirt

    11. Taylor Field: Managers are not happy with the condition of the field; Jesse said for them to send him what they need.

  6. Equipment/Uniforms:

    1. A division game balls are only div. without; can pick up Friday or Saturday

    2. Line-up cards: have enough to hand out to half of teams, but have ordered more since the original order were not the correct ones; will have them on Opening Day to managers

    3. Uniforms will come on Thursday and hats on Fridays; they will have to pick up on Friday or Saturday

    4. Extra coaches hats/shirts keeping track of payment: exchange, or money if they are only picking up.

    5. ordering additional spiritwear; have inventory on sight to sell on Opening Day

    6. 2 incidents where numbers have fallen off; so getting replacement by Opening Day

      1. If this happens, please let John know and he can get a quick turnaround.

  7. Information Officer: Umpire schedule finished

    1. Division Directors: Remind your managers to go check to see when they have assignments; they can add whoever they want to the email reminder list for their umpiring duties

    2. Email reminders will go out day before


  1. Division Directors

    1. T-Ball: good

    2. A: need to collect machine, deal with chalking, but they are learning

    3. AA: made contact with everyone, gone through everything; trying to get

    4. AAA: Some small issues here and there; and did talk to manager involved who’s having some problems, so keeping close eye on him.

    5. Major: Kids stepping out of the box or not? Clarify with Brian

    6. Intermediate: Kuch needs keys; all’s going well; Vicky will give him the keys

    7. Jr: everything going well; waiting on schedule, maybe starting on March 14th

    8. Challenger: play 10 games; have 4 games at home (1-4pm, Anderson fields).

      1. Alex: Majors teams take turn helping with helping at the games

  2. Concessions: Everything ready to go; sprayed at Frost, will do Bernal and Anderson sometimes this week

    1. At Anderson, there’s a pitching machine and will need to have it moved before Friday @4pm before a huge delivery; will ask teams who have practices to help

  3. UIC: we have umpiring hats so all umpires will get one

  4. Sponsorship/Special Events

    1. Sponsorships:  majors all taken care , and lots of t-balls sending questions

      1. ordering some magnetic banners for Frost

      2. Future: need written clarifications with banners and where sponsorships go on banners

    2. Opening Day: Look at your duties, and if you have problems, please send Vicky an email ASAP.

      1. Monica will send out email to entire league about opening day

      2. Brian will set up First Aid Station

    3. Sports Worldz Company will send out photographers to each team twice to take pictures; no cost to league, free to parents to download: Coaching Director

  5. Miscellaneous:

    1. Game Changer Update:

      1. all majors managers said they will participate; some resistance; they need to go online and check out the program and play with it.

      2. encouraged managers need to attend tomorrow’s meeting where Game Changer will be demonstrated

      3. Buying hotspot month by month; every team will have to come up with an ipad

      4. There needs to be a written signature, so will be using scorebook to have umpires signature

      5. printer will be up in Anderson and will be printed out

      6. will do a separate training besides the one tomorrow to go over it again.

      7. 2015 website with all games and can see what program is like

      8. Alex (Div. Director) is the only admin who can see every kids’ stats

      9. Backup would be paper records if there’s technological problems

      10. If manager’s not doing it because he just refuses, then there should be repercussion

      11. Can do it with iPhone if there’s no iPad (waiting on donation)


  1. Meeting adjourned at 10:10pm.

  2. Next meeting: March 24, 2015, Santa Teresa Community Room