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Minutes for March 24, 2015 Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 8:11pm Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Jesse Perez, Steve Donohue, Steve Selbo, Brian Folden, Jeff Payne, Thom Mercurio, Brad Scadden, Chris Morello, Alex Villaneda, Andrea Martinez, Scott johnson, Jim Correa, Vicky Ramirez, Larry Ramirez, Brent Frame, Valerie Deshong, Gary Buck, Joe Schumaker, Jeff Canter, Thanh Barretto, Gil Barretto, Scott Johnson


  1. President:

    1. Slugfest: We put in 2 teams for slugfest/ Memorial weekend majors

      1. 1st half winner guaranteed to play

      2. Select 1st & 2nd players; pick 2 players from other teams for tournament

      3. 2nd place winner- most likely will also play

      4. Select 3rd & 4th pick players: 2 players from other teams for tournament

      5. A player from each team needs to be selected so each team will have representative if both teams go.

    2. Memorial tournament: 10U

      1. Blue & Gold Team (in the past, it was a quick 10U tourney between OR and OG; just for fun)

      2. Arrive on designated Sunday:  Kids have to commit to days: Game Friday, Saturday and Sunday- 3 game series

      3. 2 managers selected;

        1. Division director for AAA, and both managers:  Build 2 blind teams (neither assigned) and blind pick for which team they will manage.  Sons will be traded over respective slots to make fair.

      4. 12 players on each team:  All players on team will not sit out a 2nd inning until all kids have sat out 1 inning.

      5. need to hammer out details before sending info to teams/managers

    3. Coaches will have to wear helmets during All-Stars in all levels; will discuss further at next meeting


  1. Treasurer

    1. Budget statuses: income good, budget good; more money to spend for equipment and for hit-a-thon


    2. sponsors: doing pretty good; lots donations, and more still coming in

  2. Safety Officer Report: Absent

  3. Player Agent: Had new player register, and then pulled out; new t-ball sign up

    1. Trophies: Brent will take care.

    2. AAA injury/concussion, and will be coming back; another player missing due to being injured for Jr; another out in Majors; there is a period of absence before they are pulled from team.

  4. Fields:

    1. Meeting with District regarding the fields:

      1. They have less employees  than ever to deal with fields.  Trying their best.

        1. Maintenance, mowing at practice fields we cannot do

        2. Oakridge Elem. mowing will be on Tuesday; but we can’t touch practice fields; that’s up to the school to mow.

      2. Complained about the debris pile at Bernal.  Need to clean up. Will flatten it out; get truck/bobcat and haul it out; need to fix shotput

      3. Same for Anderson

      4. Going forward, we need to rent debris bin on the days we are cleaning the fields.

      5. Scott has contacted soccer and other baseball leagues and they all assign a board member to close down their baseball fields.  We have relied on last managers of the day at Anderson and Frost.  

      6. DD: Need to reiterate that all managers of every game need to clean up their fields

      7. We need to assist with things (trash, equipment, etc ) if we are at the fields.

      8. Last week at Frost 8 bags of debris and equipment all over the place at Frost shed. If around assist throughout the day so last manager does not get hammered with work.

      9. Last team: if you don’t see a team after you, then just clean up.

      10. Managers need to check after every game and clear out trash.

        1. If at start of your game and there’s trash remaining, send message to Division Director and DD will follow up with managers.

        2. Move can from Frost to Bernal--Jesse will take care

        3. Val will take care of making sure there’s enough trash bags

    2. Allen at Steinbeck:

      1. The cost of each half is $30.00/ for baseball we need both halves $60.00

      2. They have agreed to $15.00 an hour.  Giving us a refund for our fees:

        1. Working out finalizing details and hoping to get reduction in lights so we can run more night games next season.

          1. parents want night games on Fridays on

          2. Jesse working on keys to there

        2. Will sign contract with them for the new deal

      3. Bathrooms get locked up same time every night: Jesse will work on getting the time to be different for us.

      4. Broken bleacher on 1st base side

      5. Can’t sell food as a league, but will ask for specifics as to what’s allowed

      6. No chairs on grass, so parents cannot be there, as it’s still in field of play

    3. Frost: Signs for Home and Away and Respect Signs; Brad will take care of this

    4. Bernal

      1. Chalk delivery for Bernal & Anderson: Wednesday 3/25/15; 4:00pm at Bernal

        1. need 3-4 (Canter at Bernal; Brad will email managers to see who can help)

        2. Then going to Anderson after; shouldn’t take any more than

        3. 2 chalkers at Frost; move smaller chalker in AA)

      2. Bernal chalker two flat tires already, and fixed it; ordered another chalker as backup

      3. Adding second toilet at Bernal. One is not enough with amount of people and games; toilet paper in snack shack

      4. A- DD tell managers about Plugs; Jesse will get new ones

    5. Anderson: also 2 flat tires; got more tires to replace

      1. Tires on gate missing

      2. Locks for bathrooms

    6. Practice Fields and maintenance

      1. Porta-potties at practice fields update: Randol (Brent will be in charge)

    7. Gunderson

      1. Building of dugouts at Gunderson School:  Need to sign agreement and waiting for cost to do this.  Solidify our ability to use and put dugouts on J/V field.

        1. 9K to do dugouts; A-1 Fencing cheapest

        2. Need signed agreement that they will renew our permit for the next several years

        3. JV field would be weekday games and mainly for fall.

    8. Division Directors:  Please remind managers:

      1. Keeping equipment sheds clean and organized: DD please remind everyone; take picture and post it up in shed for people to see where things go

      2. Care for equipment and organize them

      3. Only put down 2” chalk lines on all fields to conserve chalk

    9. Fence damage preventions: subsidized bownets, other suggestions?

      1. or buy things that we can clip

    10. ADT promotions: we get a percent back if people sign up


  1. Equipment/Uniforms: Absent--need to talk about All-Stars uniforms for next year

  2. Information Officer: Finished picture sections to add their own team pictures

  3. Division Directors

    1. T-Ball: doing well; lots of young kids; maybe explore options for next year such as breaking up younger kids into their own division; spoke to managers about who should go up to A and who should be staying; and ramifications for future divisions

    2. A: doing ok; bunch of pitching machine, worked out a system to rotate them; no questions really about rules or anything

    3. AA: Manager accountability: issues about rules; Alex and Brad called meeting, and most showed up or sent representative:    

      1. brought up keeping and sharing shed with AAA; shed was horrible, so will address this and answered any questions; it was a very good meeting, snack shack and garbage; managers complained that it fell on the managers to do all of this, but unfortunately that’s the way it is

      2. some people had issues about rules, so they’re addressing that too

      3. at what point do we start holding managers accountable? They say they’ll take care of it, like taking out of garbage, but at the end they don’t. Are there any repercussions?

    4. AAA: meeting for managers regarding rules; pitch counts, keeping track of affidavits; both teams set-up and tear down Steinbeck; will email managers about needing to make sure parents don’t go overboard with their comments.

    5. Major: Scorekeeping with keeping scores and game changer; there were some mix up with substitution, etc

    6. Intermediate: composite bats are not illegal in Majors or Intermediate; compo with BB Core is legit;

      1. Pirates team: been playing more scrimmage with them, and level of play is very good.

      2. We use Game Changer also, and so that’s been good

    7. Jr: Only played 3 games each; 2 teams doing well, 1 team struggling, but manager’s ok

      1. Schedule and drama over Gilroy and the issue of tying a travel team to the league. District will take care of it

    8. Challenger: Home games support; prep field when they leave, and doing good so far. May 17; photographer was contacted

  4. Concessions: Need 2 parents in snack shack in AAA and above; doing well; storage issues, and freezer coming in at Anderson; people doing inventory and that helped a lot, and Gary and his wife

  5. UIC: 2-3 missed assignments; need more baseballs at the games; given 2 balls, and so if kid hits home run and wants to keep it, there’s not enough balls.

    1. start with 3 balls in umpire bag, and 1 from each team.

    2. Gunderson need 1 more under chest protector; will go get one.

    3. Hold another umpire clinic: will contact Tyson and a some district up to help

    4. will get new umpire shirts with STLL for next year

    5. can buy your own umpire gear and shirts; talk with John

    6. cheat sheet

    7. need to educate umpires on rules: infield fly rules (up to umpire); Gil will put up a forum

  6. Sponsorship/Special Events

    1. Reflections of Opening Day: will place all

    2. LL A's Day--purchasing process, details: Sunday, May 17; if we sell 300 ticket; a 20 persons suite is given to you--we auction off 2 sets of 10 to highest bidder, and that would be a fundraiser.

      1. Link is set up and working

      2. would like tickets by hit-a-thon so parents

    3. April 25 for Hi-A-Thon (Bernal): need a committee to meet next week

    4. Tomorrow: Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser; need flyer

    5. Banners: some are up and we are keeping them up at Bernal and Anderson; the Frost one has to be taken up and down; link them up so just hang them up

  7. Coaching Director

    1. Coaching Code of Conduct: interaction with umpires; direct some managers to the website as a reminder of appropriate behavior for managers and parents.

  8. Miscellaneous:

    1. Start thinking about your positions for next year



  1. Meeting adjourned at 10: 22pm

  2. Next meeting: April 21 @8pm Santa Teresa Community Room