Minutes 20150421

Minutes for April 21, 2015  Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @ 8:10 Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Mark Gomez, Jesse Perez, Vicky Ramirez, Larry Ramirez, Brad Scadden, Brent Frame, Brian Gilbraugh, Brian Folden, Andrea Villaneda, Joe Schumaker, Alex Villaneda, Tyson Rafferty, Tim Gordon, Chris Murillo, Jeff Canter, Jeff Payne, Scott Johnson, Steve Donohue, Thanh Barretto, Gil Barretto, John Tran

Guests: Reuben Escobar


  1. Hit-a-Thon details: Hitting stations in A for younger kids  and AAA (older kids batting) Fields; 1st base side will be pitching with Mark; AA do running

    1. Responsibilities:

      1. Tents: Joe

      2. Bownets: Mark

      3. Cones: Steve D., Brian

      4. Baseballs: John (balls, bats and helmets)

      5. Stopwatches (2): Steve D. and  ?

      6. Tape measures wheels (4): Jesse

      7. Clipboards in shed: Vicky

      8. Wristbands: Scott

    2. Yogurtland is coming and will donate some proceeds

    3. Photobooth (donate everything)

    4. Crepes is coming also and will donate some proceeds

    5. Prizes: team with most BJs

    6. 100% team participation: $50

    7. Kid with most money: Giants package

    8. Rockin Jump Package for 2nd

    9. 4 tickets to Boardwalk for 3rd

    10. If player brings in at least $30 dollars: s/he gets a STLL wristband and tattoo

    11. Vicky will email map and duties to everyone

    12. Pictures will be handed out.

    13. Managers will check spelling for trophies

  2. President:

    1. HIT-A-THON: Get your teams to have 100% participation!

    2. ALL- STARS: Hosting  Sectional - Intermediate-  Frost School; buy the field post and he will install it. Need 50ft extension field: push it out permanently or what?

      1. Brent suggest using the fence at Bernal for sectional and budget for next year.

  3. Treasurer:

    1. Bought pouches to separate where funds are coming from at events

    2. Financially we’re doing fine, but our account for this coming year won’t be the same as this year’s number

    3. for fundraisers, need at minimum $12K, and everything else is excess

  4. Safety Officer Report:

    1. 2 accidents from AAA Reds:

      1. player coming in did not slide, not malicious charge or intentionality to hurt, resulted in catcher’s  fractured wrist. Catcher was standing blocking plate and trying to tag runner; division director and coach have reached out to parents

      2. one player walked behind another playing who was swinging the bat; snapped 1 in half and 2 broke during a drill. Ideally, during drills, it should be 1 player with bat with 1 manager ratio in isolated area

    2. Will send out message to managers to teach catchers where to stand to make sure they’re not hurt.

  5. Player Agent: all stars committee and trying to get out dates for Majors. Comes down to managers voting but not for their own teams: players vote for top 7, and then managers vote, but not for their own team players; give managers a chance to talk about players in the league in deciding the last 5

    1. 9-10yo: Jeff P. will ask; AAA will nominate some players, and they will discuss

    2. Rostering 12 with option of 13; but most likely 12 players.

    3. Sticking strictly to age.

  6. Fields

    1. Trash incentive program: Frost: move garbage cans around to further fields to help with trash maintenance

    2. Folks not doing maintenance around fields; sheds are a mess; trash not thrown out; folks not doing their part. Please tell your managers to clean up after themselves

    3. No buckets at Bernal, and no scooper

    4. Porta-potty had no lock and will get one.

    5. Anderson: Closed down to us starting June 11th.  School District shutting it down due to work on school campus; no post-season there; closed until August 16.

      1. got new chalker

  1. Equipment/Uniforms: Meeting tomorrow@7:30 for Memorial Day Uniforms and All-Stars uniforms

  2. Information Officer: Hit-a-thon goal thermometer is up and running; everything else is fine

  3. Division Directors

    1. T-Ball: coach pitch this week; 3 pitches and go to tee; going well

    2. A: 

      1. can we bench a kid who is dangerous in the dugout?

        1. If discuss with the parents ahead of time, and if he’s a danger, then he can be benched until behavior changes--check LL green rule book

    3. AA: Issues resolved

    4. AAA: Game safety; probably going to pull managers for another meeting, and discuss going into tournaments

    5. Major: things are good; interleague games don’t matter

    6. Intermediate: both teams are playing well

    7. Jr: all teams are playing well

    8. Challenger: great so far, lots of fun

  4. Concessions: Thank you for all that you do, Valerie and Josh!

  5. UIC: some missed assignments; doesn’t matter if the umpires switch roles at the game, just discuss with each other;

    1. can we mandate umpires go to training so that they’re umpiring better?

    2. put together another umpire clinic

  6. Sponsorship/Special Events: no banners at Frost (needs to go up and down).

  7. Coaching Director: won’t be able to help out much for the next few months; we can all post it on the website

  8. Miscellaneous:

    1. Directors: please send out to managers about volunteers for Hit-a-Thon

    2. Please send Thanh your intentions for next season

  9. Close session: discussion of conflict between a parent/board member and manager.

  10. Meeting adjourned at 11:30pm.

  11. Next meeting: May 19, 2015