Minutes 20150519

Agenda for  May 19, 2015  Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @8:05 Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Gil Barrettot, Vicky Ramirez, Steve Donohue, Larry Ramirez, Val Deshong, Steve Selbo, Jeff Payne, Jeff Canter, Andrea Villeneda, Alex Villeneda, Brian Folden, Scott Johnson, Chris Murillo, Gary Buck, Brad Scadden, Thom Mercurio, Brent Frame

Guests: Roger Trevino (from AAA Rockies)


  1. President: (Dates are on STLL calendar and will be updated there when specifics are sent out)

    1. TOC:

      1. Majors:  6/7- 6/14

      2. Intermediate:  6/7-6/9 - one game probably 6/7

      3. Juniors: 6/7- 6/14

    2. Mandatory TOC meeting for managers:  June 4th: 7:30pm - managers have to go at Reid Hillview airport

    3. 9 year old Jamboree Tournament: 6/14 -6/21 - format scott will send to managers, will only schedule 3 games per team, we can add more if we want to add more.  Discussion on how we break up the teams.Maybe add last game of two teams vs each other

    4. Mandatory Jamboree Meeting: June 4th 7:30 pm

    5. All Stars:                               District            Sections                 

      1. 10 year old:            6/20-7/12          7/15- 7/22

      2. 11 year old:            6/20-7/12          7/15-7/22

      3. 12 year old:            6/20-7/12          7/15-7/22

      4. Intermediate:          6/13-6/27          7/1-7/8

      5. Juniors:                  6/29-7/14           7/16-7/23

      6. Seniors:                 6/13-6/27            7/1-⅞

      7. want four days between district and sections

      8. hosting intermediate sections

      9. every league will host some games.  Will be assigned.  District knows anderson is shut down.  Games will be at bernal.  Intermediate will be at frost.  Challenger last game at anderson 6/7.  

    6. ALL-STAR MANAGER MEETING:  June 16th- 7:00pm(reid-hillview airport).  Starting after intermediate/senior tournament dates

    7. PLAYER AGENT CERTIFICATION NIGHTS:  June 15th-18th (Our night not determined).  Need books.  Need all new sheets/documentation because we are a new league.  Need everyone to help out so no players are ineligible.  We have a good current map.  


      1. upper division has been smoother than ever before.  AA practices as much as jr and intermediate, aaa/major practice more as they have more field access.

      2. This year they practice less and had less access to fields.  This isn’t fair and because we control lower divisions better.

        1. Complaints from some parents in upper divisions

      3. Juniors:  90 minute practices and sharing 1 field

      4. Intermediate:  1 practice a week and sometimes only 2 events a week

      5. City fields should be priority to higher divisions, We need to freeze these fields for upper division, lower divisions get school fields.  If younger groups are built first, we lock out fields, so need to do the older divisions first

      6. Seniors starting this week

        1. Assume uniforms have been ordered (John)

        2. Jr will practice 1.5 hrs, seniors 1.5.. will share field

        3. potential solution - more fields, lowers might need to split fields too.  Need to maximize fields.

        4. after city field meeting at end need to reserve more fields and times.

      7. Closest to High School and getting less practice time

        1. City Fields for remainder should be moved over to provide.

        2. move teams over to school fields-> over to school fields.

    9. Seniors Team:

      1. Uniform & Equipment

      2. Paperwork & Fields

    10. School District

      1. Change of personnel -

    11. A's suite: because we sold 300 tickets

      1. 18 person

      2. 9 sets of 2 tickets

      3. Online auction/ silent auction? should do online or silent auction of 9 sets of tickets to raise money for the league.  Need to have a minimum.  Want open to us.  worth 1400.  Fun event.  We choose date for A’s (certain days during week).  Close on ending date. Suggestion, save 4 for raffles on last day (closing day). A’s can do all you can eat BBQ for $30.  Might be fun to do for all star kids.  

    12. Board Positions for next season:

      1. Those leaving: Tim Gordon,Steve D., Steve S, Kristine S, Chris M, Val D..  We will list the people’s names on the ballot without the positions, and after the membership (parents) vote them in, then we can determine who wants to hold what position.

        1. it’s been a positive year.  OR used to put specific positions, Should be just vote on board members and then get appointed to positions.  Scott will get specifics.

        2. Scott will not be the president, but still coming back in another position

      2. Please also think about the Fall Ball Board positions you’d like to hold (especially for those who will have a child playing in fall ball).

  2. Treasurer:

    1. Position - may need a new treasurer


    2. Safety Officer Report:

    3. Travis got concussion (intermediate)

  3. Player Agent (Canter): Fall Ball next steps and Early Bird Registration for Spring 2016.

    1. Fall Ball cost? last year $75, Steve would like us to raise fees each season to help bring in more money. try to save money to get better hats, spend more on fields, etc.  

      1. Closing day $75, after $85, just equipment, uniform, etc.

      2. Steve motions $75 early, $85 after closing, Vicky 2nds, motion passes unanimous

      3. (In Exec email vote: $100 for late fee after Aug. 28, 2015).

      4. District sets schedule.  We can set lower kids, but need district for upper division

    2. Fall Ball Dates (example: When do we need to get coaches ready and approved, When does the schedule get made, When are teams formed, When do Practices/Games Start/When do we need to have Uniforms ordered?)

      1. John needs to order in July.

      2. Start taking coaches.  - will open online.

        1. people already using old link.  Will update for new season

    3. Spring 2016 Price Changes?

      1. Include Memory Mate ($3/player) and yearbook ($15/player)?

      2. Don’t turn any kid down, will scholarship those who say they can’t pay.

        1. every kid who comes in will get to play

        2. BV tball was less than ours.

          1. complaints of price of tball

          2. we should lower to get them in.

        3. Steve - should not raise by a lot

        4. Scott - keep tball, add 10 to all others.  

        5. Scott been told OGSD will start charging for fields.

        6. Steve - expenses go up, field use, etc.  We have spent more than we took in already.

        7. Vicky motions keep t-ball same raise everything $10 for regular and early.  thom, jeff Gary, oppose.  Monica abstains.  Passes.

        8. Discuss late fee later.  

    4. What is the Early Bird Discount?

    5. Closing Day:

      1. Who/When/Where will we be accepting signups at Closing Day?  Bring laptops or tablet.  

      2. Ballot (Thanh will take care and be in charge of this on closing Day)

      3. Survey? If so, what kinds of questions? Online? Paper?

        1. last year we did survey monkey, will send same thing this year

        2. Scott will do another one. and send out

          1. send one to coach/manager

          2. send another to everyone


    1. AAA/AA playing final.  

    2. at Bernal, closing at 9:00.  Should take no longer than 1 hour.  Fields

    3. len meyer - was OR, dedicated a lot of time to the league.  like a lifetime achievement.  Possible to give to Dick Schoonover.  managed in OG, was president in OG, was district manager for 30 years and assisted in merge.

      1. Vicky make motion to give len meyer to both on plaque, brent second.

      2. Thom will reach to Dick to come to closing day.

  1. Fields

    1. Scott has gotten photographs of Frost shed from irate manager.  Manager came today at Frost and both sides were open.  

    2. School district threatened to pull permit for driving too much on black top.  Saw t-ball parent drive in and watch from car.

    3. Who has L-Screen from anderson?Check with Jesse who used for memorial tryouts

  2. Equipment/Uniforms:

    1. Split Equipment/Uniform to 2 different positions

    2. Roger (AAA Rockies Coach) will take equipment, John will take uniform

    3. Possibility of players purchasing their all star uniforms this year and we'll reorder for next.

      1. Brad - working with John for proofs of all-stars.  hat was initially wrong, jersey look good.  If it’s screen printed doesn’t hold up as well.tackle twill looks good but costs more.  

      2. Scott if we are considering kids keep, then it needs to be cheap.Brent - replacements may not always be same

      3. Thom - used to be you bought jersey.  

      4. Need to know cost.  budgets $5.2k.  Brad’s cost was probably $6400 with tackle twill.

      5. Steve will reach out to John

      6. Brad - uniforms look really good.

      7. roughly 117 kids who will be allstars.. and 75 is > 8K.  Thom wants parents to pay $35

      8. Val - maybe give option for all team to purchase jerseys.

  3. Information Officer

    1. reg online

    2. tournament pages

  4. Division Directors

    1. T-Ball

    2. A - all good

    3. AA:  - will have tournament meeting, and umpiring.  Where will we have umpires whether behind plate or behind mound. leaning towards behind mound since that is where most of them have been done.  Want to get kids ready though.  

      1. on semi-final, final to have 2-man crew.  

      2. talked with mark about tweaks in rules.

    4. AAA - had meeting on saturday and everyone is good.  Filling out all star recommendations.  

      1. tie games.  for elimination round need to not have tie.  Game will be suspended due to darkness and come back.  

        1. if it’s due to  darkness, game would be continued next day. 7:30 ogsd recommends finishing.  finish game until umpire calls due to darkness.  ignore time limit.  

    5. Major - everything ok

      1. started all-star process

      2. slugfest this week.  

        1. scott will send schedule to gil

    6. Intermediate: San Jose Oaks

      1. intermediate doing well.  2 of the better teams in the section

        1. need new posts, thom doesn’t put fence up at 200 fence.

        2. thom will do work to put new fence up.  

          1. need 50 feet extension

      2. San Jose Oaks

        1. baseball program in offseason

        2. play travel with minimum plays.  cost around $350.  only little league kids

        3. jesse will try 10 or 11 U team.  

        4. wants a 12 U team.

        5. it is a tryout basis.

        6. will run 14U  

    7. Jr

      1. going well.. 3 weeks left of games.

      2. Sr  - had 2nd practice tonight.  need to have schedule meeting.  

        1. talking to district 44, 12 (maybe), and fremont district.

    8. Challenger

  5. Concessions:

    1. going good - need to set example and enforce opening snack shack.  Board members told them they didn’t have to open it.  Has seen when teams with board member and snack shack closed.

    2. will be around in fall and will help and will help in spring 2016

    3. Cannot sell at Steinbeck..

    4. Need to assign more than 1 person.  Needs to be 2 people

    5. stuff is sold out, so need to be aware, airheads, big league chew is popular and hard to find anymore

  6. UIC

    1. Working on incentive shirts and hats.  Few who are qualified.  

    2. want to give shirts/hats for both Haertlings and Roger Ercolini and Rob MacDonald.  

      1. have 16

    3. aa tournaments.. at 9am 5/30.  need an umpire. or aaa rockies are double booked


  1. Sponsorship/Special Events:

    1. yearbook update and distribution

      1. yearbook in progress.. 250 ordered. need pictures from about 10 teams

      2. complaint on why didn’t get free ones.  from OG parents

      3. Scott will ask question on survey

      4. hit-a thon - 95%.  did better on sponsorship goal.

      5. on closing day, BJ made team kit for every kid

      6. trophies - brent ordered trophy

        1. have medals

  2. Coaching Director

    1. went to sectional for PHR - nice seeing santa teresa people.  biggest league there.

    2. had kids win and will be going onto AT&T park,

  3. Miscellaneous:

    1. Steve D - kid on team who wanted to reach out for Project opportunity, lego for kids in santa cruz.  - Scott - wants Steve to find out more about company

    2. Vicky - 3 single A teams want to get trophies before closing.  

  4. Meeting adjourned at 10:04

  5. Next meeting:  6/9, 8pm, Santa Teresa Library

    1. Scott thanks everyone