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Agenda for  June 10, 2015   Board Meeting


Meeting called to order @8:10  Santa Teresa Community Library

Present: Mark, Jeff C,Larry, Joe, Monica, Andrea, Alex, Kristine, Steve, Gary, Brian G, Ty, Brian F, Gil , Brent, Jeff P. Steve T, John T, Kandice, Brad S.

Guests:Brian H, Roger T.


  1. President:

    1. Neighborhood complaint from Bernal/ Anderson:  

      1. The district has been contacted by 1 person at Anderson and 1 person at Bernal regarding complaints.  I will be writing letter to district vocalizing our positive role in the community to attempt to level out the complaint.

        1. might be good to have flyer saying what we do

        2. petition from other neighbors

        3. could invite to our meeting.

        4. managers need to talk to parents/guest.  People don’t care and throw stuff on the ground.

        5. cars being on campus -Jeff C -  nobody on field, have to get cart.  Option to think about.

    2. Guests in attendance.  Incoming board member w/approved votes from Closing Day.  Appointment and Exact positions TBD

    3. Scott: All-Stars: Board members will be asked to cover some assignments, including Intermediate Sectionals

      1. Need to get fence

      2. Majors All-Stars semi and finals will be at Bernal field, will need Board member’s help

      3. As a Board, we are not done until All-Stars is done


  1. Treasurer

    1. New checking account

    2. Trash Incentive Program

      1. Currently $2, we might want to lower - choice of 1 thing.  

        1. gary has seen them “recycle” the trash.  

        2. kids taking out of trash cans/people

        3. Steve - max 2 bags,

        4. Monica- should just give 1 item. and make bags bigger

      2. Might also want to consider a limit?

  2. Safety Officer Report:

  3. Player Agent

    1. Proofs of residency (upper division Player Agent)

      1. getting proofs need to be approved by district. names have to match, etc

        1. get better at collecting docs during reg.  

          1. no rental agreements

          2. only 1 utility

          3. need to make sure we have date.

        2. need to try to do better in collecting docs

    2. Mark collecting will find out day we need.

    3. Hosting All Star Games

      1. Getting help with all of the games we are assigned.  That means name and contact information so we know they will be covering.

      2. Board member- Tournament director.

      3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MdwOgF6DsJgSDQLsBIiv3dc0PsLdth7FEqARG9iTHIE/edit?pli=1#gid=0

      4. Sound system for Majors all star semifinal and finals (July 1 & 2)

        1. need to be PA announcing.  

        2. Jeff P will bring his speaker

      5. Providing umpires for jamboree games at Bernal (one game, one more possible)

        1. brian has games we need to cover


  1. Fields


      1. Saturday we need 2 volunteers to go to the fields meeting for the city.  Scott  can do if his team is not in TOC but want to make sure in case.

      2. Trying to lock down Cahalan and George Page.

      3. Saturday, June 13th at the Almaden Community Center (6445 Camden Avenue). Doors open for check in at 8:30am and the meeting starts at 9:00am with a brief overview on the process followed by the one hour negotiation session.

      4. 3 other organizations competing, and we need more fields.  

        1. try to get cahalan one day a week and george park 1 day a week, if we can do same day it’s better for scheduling practices

      5. Gary will go, Jeff will be alternate

    2. Loss of Steinbeck for Fall

      1. we locked up vista park with 2 fields, but missed out on steinbeck

      2. missed meeting and missed out on fall

    3. Loss of Anderson starting Thursday, June 11th


  1. Equipment/Uniforms:

    1. Equipment return status/inventory update

      1. about 40% have returned it.  

      2. hoping for big turnout this saturday.  Will need to start chasing people down.


      1. The uniform committee should have proposed the cost back to the board to vote- because it went over there budget.  However, the uniforms were purchased without getting approval.  This means that money allocated will come out of money that would have been used for league improvements.  There was a time issue and concern we would get them on time.

      2. went over budget by double.  timing was a big issue.  Wanted them all star quality type of jersey.  would have saved money.  needed 5 week turnaround.  


        1. asking parents to donate cost of hats ($15).  Hoping to get some.  John got some corporate sponsorships.  

        2. Talk of selling jerseys.  Concern that we have to repurchase.  Consistency may not be the same.  

          1. John motion to allow parents to purchase uniforms at cost $100 (ones they are wearing).  Brent second. 8 in favor, 11 opposed.  Motion does not pass.

          2. brad motions for all star jerseys to be purchased by parents at cost $75 (ones they wear).  John second.  

            1. monica we have done t-shirts for all star teams that they can purchase.  help represent that they were allstars.

            2. kristine - child wear t-shirt but not all star jersey.

            3. motion does not pass.

        3. Ran out of youth large.  distributed to all teams but 12, 13.  

        4. Wash but don’t put in dryer.

        5. John - will contact managers

          1. patch should be sewn on,

      4. Inform all managers that 100% of the jerseys must be returned

  2. Information Officer: nothing new

  3. Division Directors

    1. T-Ball: lots of young kids, 3 yo, so we need to be aware that the age difference will go along with the skill levels; batting helmets is also a danger for them; 13,  3yo

      1. BV has separate division for really young kids.; we may have enough teams of 3-4 yo to have a different division;

      2. let’s talk more in summer meetings and discuss for spring

    2. A: Coaches are happy and things are good; maybe all-stars? they play against each other

    3. AA: everyone played really hard and well; teams and parents went out to cheer, very excited; some managers interested in doing fall; great overall

    4. AAA: great season; lots of amazing baseball played; lots of positive input about Memorial Day and lots of fun especially with the Monday added; great season; most coming back or moving up; all-stars team coming together and very good.

    5. Major:

    6. Intermediate

    7. Jr: 1 team struggle without parent participation; overall pretty well, very good all-stars team

    8. Challenger: lots of fun, they did well; appreciate what people did and next year we need to get their schedule ahead of time and assign board members and teams to each home team

  4. Concessions:

    1. Anderson snack shack cleaned out.

    2. the snack shacks will be stocked minimally (Bernal/Frost)

    3. Val will be unavaliable to help from June 27th - July 6th: need someone to step up to take position during this time, and so will need help: Thanh will send email to Val to ask her to stock with burgers and hotdogs

  5. UIC:

    1. update about position: last year as UIC; and will help out; will stay on to be assistant UIC.

    2. TOC/All-stars umpires mostly filled; but will email out if more are needed

    3. Tyson notice some good and some bad, and would like to follow through on those rules. Will propose some changes to dress code

  6. Sponsorship/Special Events

    1. all-stars t-shirts: offer shirts to parents to purchase; $8-12 per shirt; league profit

    2. need sizes by end of this week, can get shirts next week; will send out to parents what design will look

    3. pictures next Friday 6/19 at Bernal AAA; managers were notified

  7. Coaching Director

  8. 2015 Fall Ball: discuss more in July

    1. Games start Sept. 12th - Nov. 21st (no games Labor Day weekend Sept 5th)

    2. District run program/schedule

    3. Manager applications (2-6U, 1-8U, 3-10U, 3-12U)

      1. tell managers to get it  in, first come first server

    4. Uniforms/Equipment needed to be ordered end of July

      1. Roger will help out equipment.  Need to be ordered by around end of july

    5. Fall B.O.D. positions

      1. need to have some positions filled (July discussion)

  9. Miscellaneous:

    1. Ballot results: Congrats everyone are now board members!

    2. Role of committees and board communication. (what needs a board vote vs committee vote, $$ limit): committee created are open to all board members; maybe make a calendar for the year of committee meetings and agenda, and if it changes people are then notified; post meeting dates; can communicate more

    3. A post-mortem on the season...what worked, what didn't.

      1. plan out the latter part of the year so we can have steam

      2. ALL: will have doc set up online so please input your thoughts about this season

      3. Board votes taken online with time and date limit (July discussion)

    4. Survey results: fields is still the most important concerns, lots of positive feedback for the inaugural year. Parents and coaches would highly recommend to family and friends

    5. Photographer feedback and potential 3-year commitment: great feedback from people, didn’t hear any complaints; will waive the $3 memory mate if we get 40% or more people to purchase other stuff.

      1. who’s paying for the memory mates next year? The league? Parents?

      2. Discuss more in July

    6. All star photos: Next Friday July 19.

    7. Thanh: write letter for Scott about end of year and where funds went

    8. Steve: Wish list item: Fiscal year ends June 30.

    9. Safety Officer: stepping down, but will be around to help; stay on board in lesser role

    10. Trophies: will be sent parts and missing trophies

    11. When Intermediate/Jrs start, call Steve Selbo to explain which are illegal bats

    12. Friday @Gunderson is JRs, game; Sunday is Intermediate Game



  1. Meeting adjourned at 10:45pm


  1. Next meeting: July 21, 2015 7:30 pm at Santa Teresa Library