President's Message

Dear Friends and Families of Santa Teresa Little League,

I am honored and thankful to have recently been elected as STLL's new president for the upcoming 2015 Fall, and 2016 Spring seasons. After 5 years, STLL has become such an important chapter in the Canter history book. I myself played little league from Tee Ball (age 4) through Juniors (age 14) and was lucky enough to continue my playing career through High School, Junior College and at the Division 2 collegiate level. To this day I still enjoy playing competitively every Sunday for the local San Jose Men's Adult Baseball League and have no doubts that my love of the game was instilled in me from my days early on in little league. Both of my boys Age 9 and Age 7 will be participating in their 5th & 4th seasons in the League and I look forward to them continuing their time with the game through as long as they possibly can.

As we, and so many other families have discovered, the Little League experience is one that not only touches the kids who play the games, but also the many that coach and volunteer. STLL is as much about family and friends as it is about baseball. It teaches us all about sportsmanship, winning with humility, and losing with grace. STLL has become a destination in our neighborhood where we gather to celebrate both sport and fellowship. It is my hope to simply be an ambassador of this treasure and see to it that it lives on as it has in the past.

I want to make sure and thank everyone that in my opinion makes STLL the best little league in Northern California: our board, committees, managers, coaches, team parents, team and facility sponsors, and the countless volunteers.
Finally, I would like to remind everyone the objective of Little League, according to our By Laws. “Santa Teresa Little League endeavors to provide a safe, affordable, well organized program through which boys and girls can learn and enjoy the game of baseball. In addition, we aspire towards an environment of community in which children, parents and volunteers can participate freely and work towards our common goal of becoming responsible adults.” As adults, it is imperative that we set good examples toward this goal. Thank you for taking on this awesome responsibility.

This should be another great year!

Your children will always remember STLL, and I strive to have them refer to it as one of the greatest experiences in their lives.

Thank you,

Jeff Canter

Santa Teresa Little League