AA Astros

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Manager: Brian Gurney
Coach: Marcus Jaime
Coach: Daniel Duran
Team Parent: Francisca Melendez / Jennifer Downs

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Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty Score
Tue 3/14 5:15 pm @ST Blue Jays Frost AA Alexis D
Sat 3/18 9:00 am @ST Pirates Bernal AA Samuel D
Wed 3/22 5:15 pm ST Athletics Frost AA Elijah R Joshua M
Sat 3/25 12:00 pm @ST Giants Bernal AA Mya D
Thu 3/30 5:15 pm @ST Red Sox Frost AA Roman D
Sat 4/1 3:00 pm @ST Reds Bernal AA Kyle G
Thu 4/6 5:30 pm ST Tigers Bernal AA Mya D Roman D
Sat 4/8 3:00 pm @ST Royals Frost AA Caleb H
Wed 4/12 5:30 pm ST Padres Bernal AA Alexis D Chanze J
Sat 4/15 12:00 pm ST Orioles Frost AA Roman D Isaiah Q
Tue 4/18 5:30 pm @ST Cubs Bernal AA Chanze J
Sat 4/22 9:00 am ST Blue Jays Frost AA Micah Y Caleb H
Mon 4/24 5:30 pm Elijah snack ST Pirates Bernal AA Isaiah Q Samuel D
Sat 4/29 3:00 pm @ST Athletics Bernal AA Kyle G
Wed 5/3 5:30 pm ST Giants Bernal AA Joshua M Micah Y
Sat 5/6 3:00 pm ST Red Sox Frost AA Mya D Isaiah Q
Thu 5/11 5:30 pm ST Reds Bernal AA Caleb H Chanze J L 0-2
Sat 5/13 3:00 pm @ST Tigers Bernal AA Alexis D T 4-4
Thu 5/18 5:30 pm ST Royals Frost AA Samuel D Joshua M T 4-4
Sat 5/20 12:00 pm @ST Padres Bernal AA Micah Y L 3-4
Fri 6/2 5:30 pm @ST Tigers Frost AA W 5-3
Tue 6/6 5:30 pm @ST Padres Frost AA L 6-7
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