AAA Angels

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Manager: Brent Frame
Coach: Brian Hsieh
Coach: Mike McCarroll
Team Parent: Kim Perkins/Alice Hoang

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Work Hard, Play Hard, Have Fun

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Shirt and hat are provided

Grey pants with Navy Piping
Navy Socks
Navy Belt
Navy undershirt

Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty Score Book Score
Mon 3/13 5:15 pm ST Athletics Bernal AAA Charlie M Griffin B/Sarah H
Sat 3/18 12:00 pm @ST Giants Frost AAA/Intermediate Kevin M
Tue 3/21 5:15 pm @ST Tigers Bernal AAA Leland J
Sat 3/25 3:00 pm @ST Red Sox Bernal AAA Hunter J
Thu 3/30 5:15 pm ST Yankees Frost AAA/Intermediate Jordan H Aiden C/Xavier E
Sat 4/1 12:00 pm @ST White Sox Bernal AAA Casey H
Tue 4/4 5:30 pm ST Nationals Bernal AAA Xavier E Gen-Thanh B/Parker F
Thu 4/6 5:30 pm ST Mets Bernal AAA Aiden C Casey H/Jordan H
Mon 4/10 5:30 pm @ST Dodgers Bernal AAA Griffin B
Sat 4/15 9:00 am ST Blue Jays Bernal AAA Xavier E Hunter J/Leland J
Mon 4/17 5:30 pm ST Pirates Bernal AAA Aiden C Kevin M/Charlie M
Sat 4/22 9:00 am @ST Athletics Bernal AAA Griffin B
Tue 4/25 5:30 pm @ST Giants Bernal AAA Gen-Thanh B
Fri 4/28 5:30 pm ST Tigers Bernal AAA Charlie M Gen-Thanh B/Griffin B
Thu 5/4 5:30 pm ST Red Sox [email protected] Kevin M Aiden C/Xavier E
Sat 5/6 3:00 pm @ST Yankees Bernal AAA Leland J
Wed 5/10 5:30 pm ST White Sox Bernal AAA Hunter J Sarah H/Jordan H L 4-7
Sat 5/13 12:00 pm @ST Nationals Frost AAA/Intermediate Jordan H L 5-6
Wed 5/17 5:30 pm ST Dodgers Bernal AAA Charlie M Parker F/Casey H W 14-13
Sat 5/20 12:00 pm @ST Mets Frost AAA/Intermediate Kevin M T 9-9
Fri 6/2 5:30 pm ST Dodgers Frost AAA/Intermediate W 17-9
Tue 6/6 5:30 pm @ST White Sox Frost AAA/Intermediate W 7-3
Thu 6/8 5:30 pm ST Giants Bernal AAA L 3-7
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