AAA Giants

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Manager: Jeff Canter
Coach: Ralph Canter
Coach: Matt Stepan
Coach: Jesse Salas
Coach: David Deasan
Team Parent: Anee' Canter

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What does it mean to be a AAA Giant? Hustle, Teamwork, and a Dedication to doing things the "Giants Way".

It's an honor and privilege to be the manager of this team and I can promise you that myself and my coaching staff will be dedicated to instructing this team to the best of our abilities. What we ask in return is that the kids (and their families) commit to attending as much as possible, on time, and with a willingness and an openness to learn the game of baseball. If they can commit to that then I can guarantee that you will see a tremendous improvement by the end of the season.

Mandatory items that all kids must bring to practices and games:
-Hat, Glove, Cleats
-Athletic cup and supporter (This is a MUST for all baseball events)
-Water or Gatorade

Optional but highly recommended:
-baseball pants
-extra layer to keep warm (sweatshirt/jacket)

Team Colors:
White Pants w/black piping stripe
Black Socks, Black Belt, Black Sleeves

Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty Score Book Score
Wed 3/15 5:15 pm ST Dodgers Bernal AAA ENRIQUE N Alan B/Caden C Konstantinos A/Ramon R
Sat 3/18 12:00 pm ST Angels Frost AAA/Intermediate MIGUEL N Gabriel Deason D/Samuel S Bassam A/Konstantinos A
Mon 3/20 5:15 pm @ST Mets Frost AAA/Intermediate Caden C
Thu 3/23 5:15 pm ST Athletics Frost AAA/Intermediate Victor R ENRIQUE N/Samuel S Alan B/Victor R
Mon 3/27 5:15 pm @ST Blue Jays Frost AAA/Intermediate Ramon R
Sat 4/1 9:00 am @ST Tigers Frost AAA/Intermediate isaiah s
Tue 4/4 5:30 pm @ST Red Sox Frost AAA/Intermediate Samuel S
Sat 4/8 12:00 pm @ST Yankees Frost AAA/Intermediate Bassam A
Wed 4/12 5:30 pm ST White Sox Bernal AAA Gabriel Deason D Caden C/isaiah s Bassam A/Konstantinos A
Sat 4/15 3:00 pm @ST Nationals Bernal AAA Alan B
Thu 4/20 5:30 pm @ST Mets Frost AAA/Intermediate Cole C
Sat 4/22 12:00 pm @ST Dodgers Bernal AAA Gabriel Deason D
Tue 4/25 5:30 pm ST Angels Bernal AAA ENRIQUE N Caden C/MIGUEL N Bassam A/Gabriel Deason D
Thu 4/27 5:30 pm ST Pirates Bernal AAA MIGUEL N Ramon R/isaiah s Bassam A/ENRIQUE N
Tue 5/2 5:30 pm @ST Athletics Frost AAA/Intermediate Victor R
Thu 5/4 5:30 pm ST Blue Jays Frost AAA/Intermediate Ramon R Alan B/Samuel S Konstantinos A/isaiah s
Mon 5/8 5:30 pm ST Tigers Bernal AAA isaiah s Caden C/MIGUEL N Bassam A/Konstantinos A/Samuel S T 13-13
Sat 5/13 9:00 am ST Red Sox Bernal AAA Samuel S Cole C/ENRIQUE N Bassam A/Konstantinos A L 9-10
Mon 5/15 5:30 pm @ST White Sox Bernal AAA Bassam A L 5-10
Thu 5/18 5:30 pm ST Yankees Bernal AAA Konstantinos A Gabriel Deason D/Victor R Bassam A/Konstantinos A T 7-7
Fri 6/2 5:30 pm @ST Tigers Bernal AAA Konstantinos A W 11-1
Tue 6/6 5:30 pm @ST Nationals Bernal AAA Caden C W 5-4
Thu 6/8 5:30 pm @ST Angels Bernal AAA Alan B W 7-3
Sat 6/10 9:00 am @ST Yankees Bernal AAA
Date/Time Location

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