Junior All Stars

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Manager: Scott Johnson
Coach: Brent Frame
Coach: Victor Torres
Coach: Rick Brune

"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime". - Babe Ruth

Congratulations All Stars. Both Cubs and Giants had spectacular seasons in the Junior Division and you make up one of the best Junior Teams assembled by ST Little League. Every player on the roster will have an important role on deciding the fate of this team. It does not matter how much you play or where you play, when you have an opportunity, make it a positive opportunity for the team.

I expect every player to play with a positive attitude. All-Stars is an honor and the player is representing an entire league, community, parents and coaches. I expect the players to be engaged, focused and hustling. ST Juniors Players will show the highest level of respect when we win or lose. Players will be flexible to position changes and flexible to instructions from coaches.

I expect the parents to set the example of sportsmanship. Support the ST Juniors Team and provide encouragement to all players on the field. We will not make any comments about opposing team players, coaches or umpires. Parents will accept their player may be asked to only have (1) at bat a game.

Coaches will be prepared for practices and games. We will coach the players and attempt to put the best team forward at each game. We will stay positive and coach to every moment we are out on a field. Coaches will place their egos to the side and do what is best for the team.

PLAYING TIME: The expectation for every player is he will only receive 1 at bat for each game. That is the playing time minimum for carrying 14 players on the team. None of the players should expect to play more, but they should work hard to show they deserve more. If they get more playing time then 1 at bat that is a bonus. Playing time is sometimes dictated by needs of the team and not skill of the player.

- Hat provided
- Jersey provided
- Navy socks
- Navy belt
- White pants with navy stripe down inseam

Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty Score
Mon 6/25 5:30 pm TDB Gilroy Sports Complex W 7-1
Thu 6/28 5:30 pm Evergreen Gilroy Sports Complex W 13-0
Sun 7/1 11:00 am Evergreen Gilroy Sports Complex W 8-7
Sat 7/7 10:00 am TDB Allisal High School 777 Williams Road Salinas, CA W 3-2
Mon 7/9 5:00 pm Cupertino LL Alisal High School W 10-0
Tue 7/10 5:00 pm Atlantic LL Allisal High School
Date/Time Location

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