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Manager: Janet Atkinson

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Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty
Sun 3/26 2:00 pm Note: Team name is Quito A's this year. Arrive by 1:45 to check in and warm up. @Quito Giants Rolling Hills Middle School, 1585 More Ave. Los Gatos Shane R
Sun 4/2 2:00 pm Sunnyvale Rockies Purple Frost AAA/Intermediate Taylor L
Sun 4/9 2:00 pm GAME CANCELLED DUE TO MUDDY FIELDS Westside White Sox Anderson Major Cayden M
Sun 4/23 2:00 pm Address: 1045 Los Padres Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95050 (between Homestead & Benton)
Parking is on Los Padres and in the neighborhood adjacent.
About 5 min before we will have the National Anthem, game at 2:00. Arrive by 1:45 please.
@Westside White Sox Steve Carli Park, 1001 Los Padres Blvd., Santa Clara (near Benton) Paige K
Sun 4/30 2:00 pm Address: Machado Park, 3360 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara. Majors Field, closest to snack shack. Park on Cabrillo or in Briarwood Elem. School lot. Check in by 1:45 to get on the roster. We will be batting first! @Cupertino A's Machado Park, 3360 Cabrillo Ave., Santa Clara (near Nobili) Santiago R
Sun 5/7 2:00 pm Berryessa Giants Anderson Major Jeremy H
Sun 5/21 2:00 pm 1st Base Side Dugout @Sunnyvale Pirates Serra Park, 730 The Dalles Ave., Sunnyvale (off Hollenbeck) Andreas r
Sun 6/4 2:00 pm Game change: Away Game vs Sunnyvale Rockies, DeAnza Park-see email for detailed directions. Park Address: 1150 Lime Drive, Sunnyvale (parking lot entrance is on Ticonderoga), far field, 1st base side @Los Gatos Red Sox Balzer Field, 4 Miles Ave.,Los Gatos Kyler S
Sun 6/11 10:00 am Come straight to our field, B2, when you arrive. We are on the 1st base side with So. SF Seals.

@All Teams Sea Cloud Park, 100 Sea Cloud Drive, Foster City
Sun 6/25 5:00 am We will play in the 2nd game at 7:10. Check in begins at 5:00. You are encouraged to watch the 1st game at 5:30. There will be food vendors available, a raffle & entertainment (around 6:30). @Berryessa + PAL Stadium, 680 S. 34th Street, San Jose
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