Major Cubs

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Manager: John Tran
Coach: Chris Parks
Coach: Paul Marino
Coach: Robert Kerr

1st half record: 11 - 8

Record: 18 - 9
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Welcome to the STLL Major Cubs

Required Equipment;

Grey Pants
Scarlett(Red) Undershirt (Optional)
Royal Blue Belt
Royal Blue Socks
Cleats(Non Metal Spikes)
Protective Cup

Our Goal is to improve each individual player in their physical skills of baseball while enhancing their knowledge of the game.

We ask each player give maximum EFFORT, whether games or practices.

Be POSITIVE in all situations and scenarios.

Sacrifice the needs and wants of an individual for the benefit of the TEAM.

COMMUNICATE at all times.


Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty Score Book Score
Mon 3/6 5:30 pm @ST Pirates [email protected] Makenna D W 7-2
Sat 3/11 9:00 am ST Pirates [email protected] Nate H Chance S W 3-1
Mon 3/13 5:30 pm ST Yankees [email protected] Jeffrey K Chance S W 4-2
Fri 3/17 5:30 pm @ST Yankees [email protected] Nathan Marino M L 2-5
Wed 3/22 5:30 pm @ST Red Sox [email protected] Matthew P W 10-4
Sat 3/25 3:00 pm ST Red Sox [email protected] Bradley T Chance S L 5-6
Thu 3/30 5:30 pm ST Mariners [email protected] Anthony C Chance S W 6-1
Sat 4/1 9:00 am @ST Mariners [email protected] Johnny E W 7-3
Tue 4/4 5:30 pm @ST Athletics Anderson Major Skylar F L 1-3
Fri 4/7 5:30 pm ST Athletics [email protected] Abigail (Abby) P Chance S L 2-7
Wed 4/12 5:30 pm ST Indians Anderson Major Jacob P Makenna D/Nate H Chance S W 6-1
Fri 4/14 5:30 pm @ST Indians Anderson Major Makenna D L 7-11
Wed 4/19 5:30 pm @ST Giants [email protected] Nate H L 3-4
Fri 4/21 5:30 pm ST Giants Anderson Major Jeffrey K Jeffrey K/Johnny E Chance S L 2-6
Mon 4/24 5:30 pm @ST Pirates [email protected] Nathan Marino M W 7-2
Fri 4/28 5:30 pm ST Pirates Anderson Major Matthew P Matthew P/Jacob P Chance S W 4-3
Tue 5/2 5:30 pm ST Yankees Anderson Major Bradley T Nathan Marino M/Anthony C Chance S W 11-2
Fri 5/5 7:30 pm @ST Yankees [email protected] Anthony C L 11-13
Wed 5/10 5:30 pm @ST Red Sox Anderson Major Johnny E W 8-1
Sat 5/13 12:00 pm ST Red Sox Anderson Major Abigail (Abby) P Skylar F/Abigail (Abby) P Chance S W 3-1
Wed 5/17 5:30 pm ST Mariners [email protected] Jacob P Chance S W 5-2
Fri 5/19 5:30 pm @ST Mariners Anderson Major Bradley T W 15-6
Fri 6/2 7:30 pm ST Red Sox [email protected] Makenna D Chance S W 3-2
Mon 6/5 5:30 pm ST Pirates [email protected] W 7-2
Wed 6/7 5:30 pm @ST Giants Anderson Major W 4-1
Fri 6/9 5:30 pm ST Giants Anderson Major L 0-1
Sat 6/10 12:00 pm ST Giants Anderson Major W 5-0
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