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Manager: Gabe Rodriguez
Coach: Larry Caeser
Coach: Victor Torres
Team Parent: Flower Rodriguez

1st half record: 11 - 7

Record: 16 - 10
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Our team party will be Friday July 21st at 5pm -7:30pm at the Creekside Cabana located on 3840 Yerba Buena Ave San Jose CA 95121. (We have To be cleaned up by 7:45pm, Cabana closes at 8pm)

COST: It's $3.00 per person to come in to the cabana, THE PLAYERS WILL BE COVERED BY COACH.

Coach will be grilling cheeseburgers and hot dogs we will provide plates, utensils, we will have water and some sodas.

Mateo's family will be bringing a Pasta Salad.
Matties family fruit.
Myles family cake.
Ruben family chips.
Jay's family Hot Links and waters.
Peyton's family Dessert.
Giancarlo's family soda and cups.
Chris family chips and homemade salsa.

Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty Score Book Score
Wed 3/8 5:30 pm @ST Athletics [email protected] Matthew B W 8-2
Fri 3/10 5:30 pm ST Athletics [email protected] David C Ruben E W 4-3
Sat 3/18 3:00 pm ST Giants [email protected] Ruben E Ruben E L 0-10
Sun 3/19 1:00 pm @ST Giants Frost AAA/Intermediate eric r W 9-2
Fri 3/24 5:15 pm ST Yankees [email protected] Mateo T Ruben E W 4-3
Sat 3/25 12:00 pm @ST Yankees [email protected] Giancarlo M W 8-6
Mon 3/27 5:30 pm ST Red Sox [email protected] Chris M Ruben E L 3-6
Fri 3/31 5:30 pm @ST Red Sox [email protected] Myles P W 8-2
Tue 4/4 5:30 pm ST Mariners [email protected] Eric L Ruben E W 2-0
Mon 4/10 5:30 pm @ST Mariners Anderson Major hayden c W 5-2
Wed 4/12 5:30 pm @ST Cubs Anderson Major Jay V L 1-6
Fri 4/14 5:30 pm ST Cubs Anderson Major Peyton W Matthew B/Eric L Ruben E W 11-7
Tue 4/18 5:30 pm ST Pirates Anderson Major Matthew B Myles P/Peyton W Ruben E L 3-4
Fri 4/21 5:30 pm @ST Pirates [email protected] David C L 3-7
Tue 4/25 5:30 pm @ST Athletics [email protected] Ruben E W 4-1
Thu 4/27 5:30 pm ST Athletics Anderson Major Eric L Chris M/Mateo T Ruben E W 6-2
Wed 5/3 5:30 pm @ST Giants Anderson Major Giancarlo M L 0-2
Sat 5/6 3:00 pm ST Giants Anderson Major Chris M David C/Giancarlo M Ruben E L 6-7
Tue 5/9 5:30 pm ST Yankees [email protected] Myles P Ruben E L 1-8
Fri 5/12 7:30 pm @ST Yankees [email protected] Mateo T W 9-5
Tue 5/16 5:30 pm ST Red Sox Anderson Major hayden c eric r/Jay V Ruben E W 5-4
Sat 5/20 9:00 am @ST Red Sox Anderson Major eric r/Jay V W 6-3
Thu 6/1 5:30 pm ST Yankees [email protected] L 1-2
Sat 6/3 12:00 pm Peyton snacks
Jay drinks

Thank you parents.

@ST Mariners Anderson Major Jay V/Peyton W W 3-1
Tue 6/6 5:30 pm ST Pirates Anderson Major Giancarlo M Eric L/Peyton W W 4-2
Wed 6/7 5:30 pm ST Athletics [email protected] Ruben E L 4-6
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