Major Indians

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Manager: Gabe Rodriguez
Team Parent: Flower Rodriguez

1st half record: 8 - 6

Record: 16 - 8

2018 Major Indians

Team Uniform:
White Pants with Red Piping
Under shirt/practice shirt Red sleeve
Socks, Belt Red.
Cleats Red.
(OPTIONAL) You can place your order online by going to the link below, scroll down past the spirit wear and you will come to the uniform ordering section.

Remember to always have water for practice and games.


Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty Score Book Score
Sat 3/10 12:00 pm @ST Athletics Frost AAA/Intermediate eric r L 0-3
Sun 3/18 12:00 pm ST Athletics Anderson Major Gabriel A Mack B/Jackson W W 10-6
Wed 3/21 5:15 pm @ST Giants Anderson Major Mack B W 14-3
Fri 3/23 7:00 pm ST Giants Allen@Steinbeck hayden c Mack B/Jackson W W 7-3
Tue 3/27 5:15 pm ST White Sox Allen@Steinbeck Quentin H Mack B/Jackson W L 5-6
Sat 3/31 10:00 am @ST White Sox Anderson Major Jaden G L 6-8
Tue 4/3 5:15 pm ST Red Sox Anderson Major Kyle M Mack B/Jackson W W 6-1
Fri 4/6 5:15 pm @ST Red Sox Anderson Major Jameson R L 2-6
Tue 4/10 5:15 pm ST Mariners Allen@Steinbeck Jordan J Mack B/Jackson W W 8-2
Sat 4/14 10:00 am @ST Mariners Anderson Major Jay V W 7-3
Wed 4/18 5:30 pm @ST Brewers Anderson Major Jaren M W 8-3
Fri 4/20 5:30 pm ST Brewers Anderson Major Jackson W Quentin H/Jordan J Mack B/Jackson W L 2-3
Mon 4/23 5:30 pm ST Pirates Anderson Major Gabriel A Jaren M/Kyle M Mack B/Jackson W W 7-1
Fri 4/27 7:30 pm @ST Pirates Allen@Steinbeck Mack B L 0-1
Wed 5/2 5:30 pm @ST Athletics Allen@Steinbeck hayden c L 3-4
Fri 5/4 5:30 pm ST Athletics Anderson Major Jaden G eric r/Jay V Mack B/Jackson W W 4-3
Wed 5/9 5:30 pm @ST Giants Anderson Major Quentin H W 9-3
Sat 5/12 1:00 pm ST Giants Anderson Major Jordan J Jaden G/Jameson R Mack B/Jackson W W 8-1
Tue 5/15 5:30 pm ST White Sox Allen@Steinbeck Kyle M Mack B/Jackson W L 5-7
Fri 5/18 7:30 pm @ST White Sox Allen@Steinbeck Jaren M W 6-1
Fri 6/1 5:30 pm Snack shack duty should be shared between both teams during the tournament, snack shack assignments can be split in two. ST Brewers Anderson Major Quentin H/hayden c W 9-4
Mon 6/4 5:30 pm ST Mariners Allen@Steinbeck W 9-5
Wed 6/6 5:30 pm @ST Pirates Anderson Major W 11-9
Fri 6/8 7:30 pm ST Pirates Allen@Steinbeck W 7-6
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