T-Ball Pirates

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Manager: Tony King
Coach: Scott Rogers
Team Parent: Diana Leon

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Welcome to the T-Ball Pirates!!!

We're thrilled to be coaching your cons and daughters in what for many of them will be their first experience with baseball. It's our goal to make the season enjoyable. Success for us is at the end of the season that your son or daughter wants to sign up again and keep playing.

In my four years coaching T-Ball I've found that the most successful seasons are those with the most parent volunteers helping at practice. At this age the more individual attention the better and that is only possible with lots of parents helping out.

Mandatory items for practices and games are;
1) Baseball mitt
2) Hat
3) Cleats (although at this age a good pair of athletic shoes works as well)
4) Water or Gatorade

1) Extra layer to keep warm

Game Day Uniform
1) League provided hat and jersey
2) Black pants
3) Athletic gold (looks like yellow) socks and belt
4) Cleats or good athletic shoes

Date/Time Opponent Location Snack Shack Duty
Sat 3/18 9:00 am @ST Phillies Frost T-Ball/A Sofia L
Sat 3/25 12:00 pm ST Athletics Anderson T-Ball Angel A Summer R
Sat 4/1 9:00 am @ST Royals Frost T-Ball/A Kasen K
Sat 4/8 1:30 pm @ST Giants Anderson T-Ball Jacob W
Sat 4/15 10:30 am ST Rockies Frost T-Ball/A Jackson P Nathan R
Sat 4/22 10:30 am ST Red Sox Frost T-Ball/A Lucas S Sofia L
Sat 5/6 1:30 pm ST Cubs Anderson T-Ball Nathan R Lucas S
Sat 5/13 9:00 am @ST Phillies Frost T-Ball/A Stephanie K
Sat 5/20 12:00 pm ST Athletics Anderson T-Ball Summer R John W
Sat 6/3 9:00 am @ST Phillies Frost T-Ball/A John W
Date/Time Location

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