Field and Safety Checklist

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All umpires, managers and coaches are responsible for checking field safety conditions before each game.

Repairs Needed Repairs Needed
Field Condition Yes No Catchers Equipment Yes No
Backstop repair     Shin guard OK    
Home plate repair     Helmets OK    
Bases secure     Face masks OK    
Bases repair     Throat protector OK    
Pitchers mound     Catchers cup (boys)    
Batters box level     Chest protector    
Batters box marked     Catchers mitt    
Grass surface (even)          
Gopher holes     Safety Equipment    
Infield fence repairs     First-aid kit    
Outfield fence repair     Medical release forms    
Foul lines marked     Ice for injuries    
Sprinkler condition     Blanket for shock (check snack shack)    
Dirt needed     STLL Safety Manual    
Dugouts     Players Equipment    
Fencing needs repair     Batting helmets OK    
Bench needs repair     Jewelry removed    
Roof needs repair (where applicable)     Bats inspected    
Bat racks (where applicable)     Shoes checked    
Helmet racks (where applicable)     Uniforms checked    
Trash cans     Athletic cups (boys)    
Clean up needed          
Spectator Areas          
Bleachers need repair          
Hand rails need repair          
No smoking          
Parking area safe          
Protective screens OK          
Bleachers clean