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Santa Teresa Little League

Volunteer Information


As you may not be aware, all of the coaches, managers and board members of Santa Teresa Little League are volunteers, some of whom are volunteering – literally – hundreds of hours each year for our organization.  None of them are paid for their long hours of dedication in support of our league.  However, like most parents in our community, the coaches, managers and board members are also busy “off the field,” working and raising their families.  Like each of us, they can only give so much of their time.  


For this reason, each participant family must volunteer for its child’s team to help cover that team’s “snack shack” and umpire assignments, which your child’s team manager will tell you more about before the season begins.  Basically, each team (including T Ball, A, AA, AAA and Majors) must contribute an adult (or two) to operate the “snack shack” for each of the team’s home games.  Additionally, each team must cover a handful of umpire assignments each season (for  AAA. Major, and Jr games).  When you meet your team’s manager, please be sure to let the manager know that you will be supporting him/her and your team as needed.  


In addition to “snack shack” and umpire assignments, we need each participant family to volunteer at some point during the season.  Please select one or more of the following positions where help is most needed.



Volunteer Position


Min Time Required

Opening Day/ Hit-a-Thon

  1. Help Plan Opening Day Ceremony
  2. Help Plan Hit-a-Thon
  3. Help with one of the following:
  1. Setup /Cleanup /Sign-in Desk
  2. Food Preparation/Serving
  3. Supervision of a booth or play area
  4. Assist in running stations (ie hitting, pitching, base running)
  1. Note: Does not replace team’s responsibilities

1-2 hours in planning meetings


3-4 hours on the day of the event for each event.

Field Maintenance

  1. Assist in our Field Clean Up Day which can include mowing, raking, weeding, painting, etc.
  2. Help in monthly maintenance of the Fields during Baseball Season including mowing the fields.

2-4 hrs on at least 2 clean up days.


1-2 hrs/month (mow one field 2x/month )

Post Season Snack Shack

  1. Run Snack Shack when STLL is hosting tournament games after the season has ended (Almost daily from Mid June to Mid July)

3 assignments - 2 hours/game


  1. Umpire 4 total assignments during the season
  2. Note: Does not replace team’s responsibilities

4 assignments, each game last about 2 hours


  1. Photograph all teams in a division.  This can easily be accomplished by photographing both teams when your child is playing.
  2. Post photos on STLL’s website.  Must grant Copyright permission to STLL to be used in promotional materials.

Expected Photos of 2-4 games from each team in your assigned division


  1. Responsible for the team, running Games and Practices
  2. Coaches assist manager during Games and Practices


Team Parent

  1. Assist manager and coaches in activities other than coaching.  
  1. team snack shack schedules / snack schedule
  2. team correspondence (ie email)
  3. team banner/raffle basket


Scorekeeper/ Pitch Counter

  1. Only for AA/AAA/Major/Jr/Sr/Bigs
  2. Keep score or pitch count for team home games.