Umpire Buyout Program

Umpire Buyout Program


Our goal at STLL is to have 2 umpires at every game, every time, and eliminate the “no shows”.  To help us achieve this goal, we have implemented an umpire buyout program. The purpose of this program is to give managers/teams the ability to get their umpire assignments covered, when they realize they can not.  These volunteers on the list are not obligated or mandated to take your assignments.  They are just a resource to help you cover them if they are available. 

If, for whatever reason a team cannot cover their assignment, it is still their responsibility to make sure that the game has umpires.  Our buyout program provides the solution when teams are in a pinch.  Without umpires, there is no game!

These are the steps that need to be taken to buyout your team's assignment: (Handled between manager & umpire volunteer/ League does not handle payments).

1) Contact an umpire from the buyout list (make sure he/she is eligible for the level of game that needs to be covered).  One email to all umpires on the list (copy the UIC) should get you a response fairly quickly. If you cannot get a response from any of the umpires, notify your UIC.

2) When you have found an umpire to cover your assignment,  let it be known when the umpire will receive your team's payment. Payment must be made prior to game or two days thereafter. Please be respectful of the buyout program and stay within the payment timeline. Plate assignments are $35 and base assignments are $25.

3) Notify your UIC that your team has exercised the buyout option, along with the date and the person who will be umpiring the game on your team's behalf.

Should be used only when you can not coverage.  It is not there to cover every assignment a team may have.  That’s all you need to do!  We, the umpires, will play a large part in the success or failure of our league. Let’s all do our part, and work together to make this season the best it can possibly be for Santa Teresa Little League!

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