We strive to provide the best experience a child will have in sports. Due to the continued growth of the league, combined with the goal of keeping our registration fees reasonable for all players, STLL has a need for donations to make improvement to our playing facilities. Most of the fields we play on are school district property, but the school district requires STLL’s total obligation to maintain the fields in consideration for our annual field use permits. Sponsoring the league or a team is a good investment in the youth of our community. Your contribution helps the children, your community, and your company and is tax deductible. STLL has over 600 families involved. Please fill out the information below so that we can list you and your business correctly. Please make check payable to “Santa Teresa Little League”. The completed form, a business card, and check should be returned to Santa Teresa Little League P.O. Box 23944 San Jose, CA 95153 ATTN: Sponsorship. Tax ID # 942553732

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
If you would be interested in making a donation or know someone who is, please contact:

Kevin Kimerer     sponsorship@stlittleleague.org  

Sponsorship Form